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Are Pupusas Gluten Free?

Are Pupusas Gluten Free? TheWellthieone

What are pupusas?

Pupusas are a popular street food from Latin America. They are round, soft, and plush corn tortillas filled with various ingredients such as beans, cheese, or pork tenderloin. 

Pupusas can be cooked in many ways: grilled over an open flame, fried on a big skillet, deep fried in oil or butter, boiled in water or chicken broth, and even made into empanadas, which are turnovers.

Are pupusas gluten-free?

Yes, traditional pupusas are naturally gluten-free. They are made with corn flour called masa harina. 

With creativity in the kitchen and variations on recipes, chefs have found ways to deviate from the original recipe and gluten can be added to them to create a fusion-type result.  This would be like an Americanized, Latin American pupusa with a percentage of corn flour and a percentage of flour containing gluten.

If you are eating at a traditional restaurant with roots from a Salvadorean or Latin America in general, chances are very good that they make traditional pupusas that are made only with masa harina, which is 100% derived from corn.  

Enjoy your delicious gluten free meal of pupusas!

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