Welcome to The Wellthie One!

I’m Andrea Bain, the heart and soul behind this platform.

My educational background has provided me with a base from which to approach many topics related to natural wellness.

The Natural Health Ongoing Journey

The journey into the realm of natural health wasn’t born out of a fleeting interest; it was sparked by a deep-seated passion that has spanned decades. 

It was rooted in the fact that my father was diagnosed with cancer, and our family wanted to try some alternative cancer protocols in addition to conventional ones. The natural protocols we chose improved my father’s quality of life, and he is still with us 10 years later.

My passion for alternative medicine has propelled me to wear multiple hats: as an educator, a writer, and a researcher. My mission? To unravel the complexities of natural health and present them in an accessible and engaging manner to the readers of thewellthieone.com.

 The Wellthie One is focused on:

  • Natural health
  • Pet Wellness
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle
  • Helping others create a more natural lifestyle that they love

Over the years, my fascination with the natural world and its impact on our well-being has only grown. Whether it’s exploring the benefits of plant-based supplements or delving into the science behind holistic healing methods, I’ve dedicated countless hours to researching and understanding these topics.

It’s this dedication that fuels my writing and allows me to provide well-researched, reliable information to my readers.

As an educator, I’ve had the unique privilege of guiding others on their journey towards better health. I firmly believe in the power of knowledge, and through my writing, I aspire to empower my readers to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

But there’s more to me than just my love for holistic health. I am also blessed to be a wife and mother. My family is my anchor and my inspiration. Living in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA, with my husband and three accomplished children, we embody the principles of natural wellness in our daily lives.

In essence, thewellthieone.com is more than a website; it’s a reflection of my life-long commitment to promoting natural health. I invite you to join me on this journey towards wellness, armed with knowledge and inspired by the power of nature.

Consider The Wellthie One a welcoming place for you to visit often as you find solutions and recommendations that will help you and your loved ones thrive!

I look forward to sharing my insights and discoveries with you. Here’s to our collective well-being and a healthier, happier world!


Andrea Bain

Wife & mom of 3 from Huntington Beach, CA

Masters of Science, Biology and Education, Niagara University, NY

Honors Bachelors, major in Environmental Georgraphy and a minor in Economics, Brock University in Ontario Canada

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