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The Likable Person Test – Are You a People Pleaser?

The Likable Person Test - Are You a People Pleaser? TheWellthieone

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to have an easy time making friends, while others struggle? Chances are, if you’re the latter, you may be a people pleaser. 

People pleasers are typically high achievers who are afraid of disappointing others or being rejected. They’re also usually very nice people! But being a people pleaser can be exhausting, and it’s not always healthy. So how do you know if you’re a people pleaser? 

Take our quiz to find out.  Try not to think too much about the answers – Allow yourself to be open and honest with yourself while pondering each question honestly.

1. Do you avoid conflict as much as you can?

2. Do you go out of your way to make other people happy, even if it means sacrificing your own plans and things that make you happy?

3. Do you feel guilty when you can’t do something for someone else?

4. Do you feel that some people often take advantage of your good nature?

5. Are you afraid to speak up for yourself for fear of upsetting others?

6.Do you frequently put other people’s needs above your own?

7. Do you find it difficult to say “no” when someone asks you for a favor? 

8. Are you a peacekeeper who tries to keep everyone happy? 

9. Do you frequently make sacrifices in order to please others? 

10.  Are you usually saying “yes” when you really want to say “no” to situations described in questions above?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, chances are that you tend to be a bit of a people pleaser.

If you answered more than 3 questions as a yes, you are likely more concerned about what people think of you than what you truly want for yourself. 

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While there’s nothing wrong with being nice or wanting to make other people happy, remember that it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes too. After all, YOU deserve happiness too!

If you’re a bit of a people pleaser, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with being nice! Just remember that it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes too.  It is important to “be nice” to yourself too, or you will have nothing left to give others when you are burned out.

You’ll be surprised that if you start to say a thoughtful and kind “no” to things that you do not believe in or want to do, most people are fine with it.  

You do not have to give any excuses or reasons for saying no, either.  After all, no excuse of yours will sound good enough for the person who you are saying no to.  It is best to say a clean and clear no, kindly, with no reasons given.  You don’t owe them any reason.

 And those who are not did not have your best interests at heart in the first place, so best to have them reveal themselves by putting yourself first more often.  You will find that it creates more calmness in your inner self when you do this.

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