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What Does Getting Played Mean? 3 Tips to Ensure It Doesn’t Happen Again!

What Does Getting Played Mean? 3 Tips to Ensure It Doesn’t Happen Again! TheWellthieone

There’s nothing worse than getting your heart played with by someone you’re dating. You thought things were going great, but then suddenly they lose interest or start stringing you along without any intention of getting serious.

If you’re tired of getting used, here are a few things to watch out for next time you’re dating someone new so it doesn’t happen again!

1. They are too busy to get to know you in person

One red flag is when they always seem to be busy when you try to make plans. If they’re rarely available when you want to see them, it’s a sign that they’re not as invested in the relationship as you are.

To test this theory, stop texting unless it is to make plans to see this person. Take the lead and call them, do not text them,  to make plans. 

 If they do not pick up, only then do you shoot over a quick text that says something like “I’m available tomorrow at 6 PM or Sunday at 12:00PM. Which one works for you? This shows you are confident and that you are implying a date will happen.

If they pick a time, great, you will see them then. Now stop texting them.

If they say neither time works for them, and they do not offer another time and ask if it works for you, then you are getting played. 

What does getting played mean?  If they are not making plans to get to know you in person.  Walk away.
What does getting played mean? If they are not making plans to get to know you in person. Walk away.

Do not continue to pursue this person, and do not be afraid to walk away. You will be doing yourself a huge favor if you quit investing more of yourself at this point.

2. Value yourself, do not get to know someone new by texting 

Another thing to watch out for is someone who is always texting or messaging you but does not actually make time to see you in person. 

If they’re only interested in communicating electronically, it’s probably because they’re not looking for anything serious. 

It is best not to communicate much at all electronically when you first meet someone. If they are not willing to make the effort to get to know you in person, then they are not that interested in you. 

You are valuable and worth the effort to get to know in person! They will respect you for not participating in too much chatter between dates.

With every text, it can be perceived as your need for validation or that you are desperate, both of which make you less valuable in their eyes. Put down your phone and only use it to make plans with him or her in person and little else.

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3. Do not invest your time in someone who talks badly about others who he or she has been close to

Pay attention to how they talk about other people in their life. If they’re constantly trash-talking their exes or other people they’ve dated, it’s a sign that they have unresolved anger issues.

It’s also not a good sign if they don’t have any close friends or family members that they talk about positively. If someone can’t even get along with the people closest to them, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with you.

By being aware of these warning signs, you can save yourself from getting your heart played with by someone who doesn’t deserve your time and attention. We wish you well on your journey to find someone deserving of you!

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