How To Get Water Out Of Your Charging Port – Easy!

How To Get Water Out Of Your Charging Port – Easy! TheWellthieone

We’ve all been there before. You’re out and about, enjoying a lovely day by the pool/beach/lake/ocean (choose your own adventure) when suddenly, your phone slips out of your hand and takes a tumble into the water. Whether it’s a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach or a string of profanity that spills out of your mouth, the result is always the same: water + charging port = very, very bad.

But never fear! There are a few things you can do to try and save your phone from watery oblivion. Below are charging port saving tips for when your phone decides to take a dip.

  1. Turn it off—like, right now. This is probably the most important thing you can do to save your phone. Once water gets inside of your charging port, it can start to corrode the delicate internals of your phone and cause all sorts of problems. 

So, as soon as possible, find a way to turn off your device. Even if it means taking out the battery, if you know how, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once your phone is turned off, don’t turn it back on until you’ve taken care of steps 2-4.

  1. Dry it off as best you can – time is of the essence here. The sooner you can get rid of the water, the better chance you have of saving your device. 

Gently shake out as much water as you can, then use a lint-free cloth, or even a dry cotton swab, to wipe down the charging port and any other openings on your phone. Don’t forget the headphone jack, SIM card tray, etc.

  1. Ensure any leftover water is assisted out of your port-Tap on the opposite end of your phone from your charging port to remove any additional water from the charging port.
  1. Remove the battery (if possible) – This step isn’t necessary for everyone, but if you know how to remove the back panel of your phone and take out the battery, it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Just be careful not to touch any metal parts inside of your phone while the battery is out; that could cause an electrical short.
  2. Blow cool air on the phone. Find a sock that is long enough to more than cover your phone inside of it. Secure a small fan, shop vacuum hose, or blow dryer if there is a cool setting or similar to the opening of the sock by using masking tape or similar. 

Blow COOL air for the next 3 hours. Never opt for hot or warm air; this can further damage your phone.

 If you do not have a shop vac or hair dryer, you can put your phone directly in front of a fan. The key is to have a constant stream of air going through the phone’s crevices.

Once at least 3 hours have passed, the charging port on your phone will be dry. You can try turning it on again at this point and get back to your life.

What methods should I avoid when trying to get the water out of my charging port?

There are some methods that are old school that may work OK, but are not ideal methods to get water out of your charging port. Sometimes, these methods can damage the phone.

Avoid using

  • Rice
  • cat litter
  • heat or heated air.
  • silica gel packets.

Cool air is hands down the fastest and best method to get your phone back in working order.

Concluding Thoughts

No one ever wants their phone to go for an impromptu swim, but sometimes accidents happen! If worst comes to worst and your device ends up taking an unscheduled dip, follow the steps above for the best chance at saving it from watery oblivion. And remember, prevention is always better than a cure, so investing in a good waterproof case next time you hit the beach might be a good next step!

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