5 Modern Pool Tables You’ll Love & Your Questions Answered!

5 Modern Pool Tables You'll Love & Your Questions Answered! TheWellthieone

Playing pool is a popular and favorite pastime. For many people, owning a pool table is like owning a functional piece of art on which to express themselves.

Modern designs are timeless and very much appreciated for their sleek, clean, and sometimes futuristic look. If you’re looking for some modern pool table design ideas, we found the top 5 on Amazon.

Whether you’re in the market for a new pool table or just want to learn more about modern pool table design, read on!

But first, in order to appreciate a modern pool table and its beautiful design features, someone considering purchasing a new billiards table may find it interesting to learn a little bit about the game’s history.

A brief history of the game of pool

The game of pool is believed to have originated in Northern Europe during the 15th century. It is thought to have been derived from a similar game called croquet, which was played with wooden balls and hoops. The first pool tables were likely made of slate and had pockets that were cut into the corners and sides of the table.

These early tables were very large and heavy, making them difficult to move around. In the 19th century, pool became very popular in America, especially in bars and taverns.

Pool tables were smaller and lighter than their predecessors, making them more affordable and easier to transport. The game has continued to evolve over the years, with new variations being introduced, such as 8-ball and 9-ball. Today, pool is enjoyed by people of all ages and is considered a classic bar game.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Modern pool tables:  One thing that has remained constant throughout the history of billiards is the love of the game.
Modern pool tables:  One thing that has remained constant throughout the history of billiards is the love of the game.

One reason for this is that they offer a number of design elements that make them both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, most modern pool tables have a hardwood base with a slate playing surface. This provides an optimal surface for smooth and precise shots.

In addition, the felt that covers the surface is often color-coordinated with the rails and legs of the table, giving it a sleek and polished look. Ultimately, it is these design details that make modern pool tables so popular and well-loved.

What is a modern pool table?

A modern pool table is one that is designed to look sleek and modern. It is typically made of high-quality materials such as leather or acrylic, with intricate wood grain patterns.

Since the game of pool was invented in the 15th century, it has undergone a number of iterations and changes. But one thing that has remained constant is its popularity. Today, people all over the world enjoy playing pool, and modern tables continue to be a favorite choice.

5 Gorgeous Modern Pool Table Design Ideas to Inspire You, Available on Amazon

1. Imperial 8′ Indoor or Outdoor Modern Pool Table

Imperial 8' Indoor or Outdoor Modern Pool Table


Why we love this Imperial modern pool table:
  • Made to withstand the outdoors, but beautiful either indoors or outdoors
  • Bed is covered in camel color, and is waterproof
  • Mostly assembled, just bolt on legs
  • Great for a covered outdoor area, a lanai, Arizona room and similar
  • All accessories included
  • Made of weather-proof aluminum
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2. American Legend Kirkwood Billiard Table and Black Cloth

American Legend Kirkwood 90” Billiard Table and Black Cloth
Why we love this modern pool table design:
  • Very unique modern look that mixes industrial and rustic appeal
  • Large playing surgace
  • Includes shims for uneven floors
  • Concealed drop pockets
  • Molded corner protection
  • Unique K shaped legs, a unique take on a classic design
  • Accessories included

3. Logan 7-ft Pool Table Combo Set with Storage Benches

Logan 7-ft Pool Table Combo Set with Storage Benches
Why we love this modern pool table:
  • Beautiful and practical modern pool table design
  • Space saving
  • Benches store accessories
  • Quality construction with engineered wood with cross trusses and rock solid post leg support system
  • Benches for taking a break and storage
  • Tournament tested design
  • Highly rated on Amazon

4. Barrington Billiards Billard Table Set

Barrington Billiards Billard Table Set - Multiple Styles
Why we love this Barrington modern billiards table:
  • Premium design and build
  • Competition-grade 25mm thick surface with leather drop pockets planked between a birchwood veneer frame
  • Concrete-style pillars connected with wooden rods
  • Stunning craftsmanship
  • Top notch game accessories included
  • Highly rated on Amazon

5. MD Sports Billiard Table with Included Game Accessories

MD Sports Billiard Table with Included Game Accessories
Why we love this MD Sports Modern Billiard Table:
  • Sleek, modern pool table design
  • Luxury pro at 7.5’ long
  • Complete premium accessory kit included
  • Heavy duty construction with 18mm thick laminate felt
  • Aprons, rails and base are made of sturdy MDF
  • Wood bumper is constructed with K818 specifications for an authentic look
  • Highly rated on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a modern pool table?

If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish pool table for your home, then a modern pool table design is perfect. They’re durable, timeless, and perfect for hardcore players who demand the best quality designs for their game room.

What is the difference between an American-style and a British-style modern pool table?

American pool tables are often larger than their British counterparts. The standard American size range is 7-9′, and the standard English size range is 6-8’. The official tournament size for Americans is 9′, and for Brits, it is 7’.

Is British pool harder than American pool? 

Some might say that British pool is more challenging than American pool because of the pocket design. On British billiard tables, the pockets are narrower with more pronounced, rounded shoulders.

It requires more skill to pot a ball since the rounded shoulders can make your shot rebound from almost any direction, so it takes some real skill to pot any ball.

Are there any drawbacks to using a modern pool table?

There are no real drawbacks to using modern billiard tables. They come with many options for customization.

Modern pool tables are built strong and last a long time, making them ideal for everyday use.

If you are expecting free shipping, this is where you could experience disappointment. A quality contemporary pool table is heavy and will likely require a significant delivery cost to get it set up in your game room.

What types of games can I play on a modern pool table?

Modern pool tables are designed for snooker, eight ball, nine ball and other games.  Place a table tennis top and net over it and play ping pong!
Modern pool tables are designed for snooker, eight ball, nine ball and other games. Place a table tennis top and net over it and play ping pong!

Modern billiard tables are perfect for playing a variety of different games. You can choose from snooker, eight ball, nine ball, ten ball, and other popular variants like American and British pool.

You may choose to get a top for your billiard table and some paddles so you can play table tennis, making it a multifunctional piece.

Is a 7-foot or 8-foot pool table better?

Professional pool players use eight-foot tables, and those you find in bars are typically seven-foot tables. If space is not an issue, we recommend getting the full-size, eight-foot table for the best playing experience. However, a seven-foot table will provide years of fun and would also be a great addition to any space at home.

Which brands are the best in terms of quality, price, and durability?

When it comes to finding the best pool table brands, it’s always a good idea to go for those that have a good reputation.

You can expect quality craftsmanship and the best materials used on your table, like walnut, stainless steel, and a solid plank of slate to serve as the table for the game.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you have been inspired by all of the information about modern pool tables and designs in this article, and if you are thinking about getting one, you will have no shortage of friends wanting to come over and play!

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