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Drink More Water and Excite Your Tastebuds With Clear Fruit Water, A Review

Drink More Water and Excite Your Tastebuds With Clear Fruit Water, A Review

Let’s face it—water can be pretty boring. Yes, we know it’s essential for our health, but sometimes it’s hard to get excited about something that has zero flavor. If you’re looking for a way to make staying hydrated a little more enjoyable, clear fruit water is a great option.

By adding slices of fresh fruit to your water bottle, you can give your water a subtle flavor without adding any sugar or calories.

Or, if cutting fruit and adding it to your water bottle is inconvenient, there are companies that thought of that.

Drinking fruit-flavored water is a great way to consume a few more of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Every little effort counts!

Choices with subtle natural fruit flavors already added to your water that are quite favorable.

While there are many enhanced fruit flavor water choices in this category, Clear Fruit Water brand has gained a lot of momentum with people wanting to know more about it.  There are thousands of searches a month alone on Google asking questions about Clear Fruit Water.  People want to know exactly what it is, and if it is good.

We have gathered the most frequently asked search engine questions about Clear Fruit water and answered them for you. We want to help make your health care decisions easier.

Is clear fruit water considered water?

In short, no. But it is close. Clear Fruit water is a clear and naturally flavored fruit beverage that is non-carbonated. Clear Fruit water is an alternative to more sugary sodas and juices. It does deliver a delicious burst of flavor that water does not.

Is clear fruit water good for you?

Clear fruit water is a great choice if water does not inspire you. If you need a little flavor to help you drink more, this will help. Clear Fruit Water has no sodium, which is important, and is under 100 calories per serving.

Are the calories worth it?

It depends. For someone who is weaning off soft drinks, this is an excellent alternative. Many report that Clear Fruit water is delicious. If you are watching every calorie on a strict diet regime, it can add up, though. Many advise you not to drink your calories. If drinking Clear Fruit water is not a replacement for water, then by all means, Clear Fruit water is a fine choice to satisfy your taste buds and hydration needs.

Does clear fruit water have sugar?

Some flavors and variations of Clear Fruit brand beverages have high-fructose corn syrup in them, others have 0 grams of sugar.  There are different kinds of Clear Fruit beverages, some are clear like water, others are clear colored flavors that are the ones that have a decent amount of added sugars in them.

The Clear Fruit water that we are addressing in this review are these specific kinds that are not colored, and look like water bottles.  Here is 6 pack of Fruit Punch flavor:

Clear Fruit Water Punch Flavored 6 Pack 16.9 oz Sport Bottles

Clear Fruit Fruit Punch Flavored Water TheWelltheione
Clear Fruit Fruit Punch Flavored Water

Is clear fruit water good?

Yes, it is an invigorating alternative to plain water, and it has no sodium, unlike a lot of other choices out there. Many report that the flavors “pop,” and they are quite good. The beverage is not calorie free, but it is much lower in calories than a soft drink, with just under 100 calories per serving.

Is Clear Fruit real fruit?

No, there is no real fruit in Clear Fruit water, but the flavors are natural. Clear fruit water has a much lower sugar content when compared to traditional soft drinks. It is made with real fruit flavor and no preservatives. Clear fruit water is not pure water either.

Can flavored water make you gain weight?

The clear, non-colored Clear Fruit water options have 30 calories, so this would not be a significant amount to cause weight gain. Moderation is key. Pure water is best when counting calories.

 Is clear fruit water calorie-free?

The flavored water beverage from Clear Fruit, not the colored options, contains 30 calories and 8 total carbs.

Is clear fruit water keto friendly?

Most flavors of Clear Fruit water are keto-friendly, but the Strawberry Watermelon flavor should be avoided when on a keto diet. This flavor is high in net carbs. It has 22.56 net carbs per 240mL serving.

Is clear fruit water vegan?

Yes, Clear Fruit water is vegan.

 What is clear fruit water made of?

The ingredients reported on the label are as follows:

Pure Filtered Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor

We hoped the information provided in this review of Clear Fruit water helped you on your health journey!

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