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Best Lions Mane Supplement to Boost Your Brain Power and Memory, and Restore Your Ability to Remember Names!

Best Lions Mane Supplement to Boost Your Brain Power and Memory, and Restore Your Ability to Remember Names!

While we all know that we should be getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet, sometimes our busy lifestyles make it difficult to maintain these habits. Fatigue steals mental energy and we are susceptible in this state to losing mental creativity, memory, problem-solving and even logic skills.

That’s where brain-boosting supplements come in. Lion’s mane is one such supplement that has recently gained popularity. Lion’s mane is a type of mushroom that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine.

According to some studies, lion’s mane can help improve cognitive function and reduce inflammation. Lion’s mane is also thought to increase energy and improve mental clarity. If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your brainpower, lion’s mane is definitely worth considering.

What does lion’s mane do for the body?

Researchers discovered that lion’s mane can help relieve milder symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as help prevent dementia in the long run.

If the benefits to the brain were not impressive enough, lion’s mane has more for you. According to animal studies, lion’s mane can reduce the risk of many cancers, including heart disease, ulcers, and diabetes.

What does lion’s mane do to the brain?

Lion’s mane can do wonders for the brain.  Research has shown that lion’s mane can help repair damaged nerve connections. The regeneration of these brain cell connections can improve the functioning of the part of the brain called the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for producing emotional responses and memories.

Lion’s mane also has the ability to release a nerve growth factor that targets the brain and repairs and lengthens damaged synapses. This is great news for Alzheimer’s patients, as lion’s mane has been shown to reduce the inflammation that is considered a marker of Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane

The health conditions that a lion’s mane can improve are many. These conclusions were based on animal studies and smaller clinical trials. Here is a list:

  • Inflammation of all kinds
  • Cancer preventative and fighter.  One study showed lions mane obliterate leukemia cells, and helped reduced colon cancer cells in mice
  • Improve and strengthen the immune system
  • Depression
  • Soothe anxiety symptoms to redirect focus to more productive things
  • Brain function booster
  • Cognition and memory enhancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Ulcers and digestion issues
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes by helping to regulate glucose and insulin levels
  • Some higher dosage prescription nootropics have effects that act as stimulants
  • Lion’s mane is a great supplement to take if you are feeling anxious or stressed. It has been shown to bring a calmer state of mind

What are the 3 best Lion’s Mane supplements?

We did the research so you don’t have to.  We based our choices of the best lion’s mane on the highest purity, potency and value.

1. Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements

Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements TheWellthieone
Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements

 What we love about Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane:

  • Organic
  • 100% pure lion’s mane mushroom with no fillers
  • Hot water extraction method to obtain beneficial nutrients and keep their potency
  • 2 months supply
  • High potency, 1000mg per serving
  • Highly rated on Amazon with over 7100 ratings and 4.5 stars

2. Om Mushroom Superfood Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules Superfood Supplement

Om Mushroom Superfood Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules Superfood Supplement TheWellthieone
Om Mushroom Superfood Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules

What we love about Om Lion’s Mane superfood capsules:

  • Made in the USA, growers are the manufacturers
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • High potency, 2000mg per serving
  • 30 day supply
  • Keto friendly
  • Kosher
  • Paleo friendly
  • Highly rated on Amazon with over 2600 ratings and 4.5 stars

3. Host Defense, Lion’s Mane Capsules, Promotes Mental Clarity, Focus and Memory, Mushroom Supplement

Host Defense, Lion's Mane Capsules TheWellthieone
Host Defense, Lion’s Mane Capsules

What we love about Host Defense Lion’s Mane Supplements:

  • Organic
  • USA grown
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Expert growers, identity of mushrooms confirmed 
  • Excellent potency
  • Highly rated on Amazon with over 10,500 ratings and 4.5 stars

What are lion’s mane’s side effects?

The lion’s mane may slow the clotting process and lower blood glucose levels. Again, studies are limited to animal studies.

Can lion’s mane make you hallucinate?

Lion’s mane will not make you hallucinate, as it is not a psychedelic mushroom. So if you are wondering if you can take lion’s mane when you are at work, the answer is yes! There will be no impairment to your cognitive functioning. In fact, it may help you do a better job of thinking.

Does lion’s mane increase testosterone?

Studies have sought the answer to this question, as lion’s mane might increase the body’s ability to produce testosterone as a side effect of all of the beneficial things it can do for the brain.

Does lion’s mane increase dopamine?

Dopamine is increased by lion’s mane. Studies show that serotonin and dopamine can be increased by lion’s mane as it reduces inflammation. One of the main active compounds in lion’s mane is hericystin. Hericystin has been shown to increase dopamine levels in the brain as well as improve cognitive function.

Does lion’s mane affect hormones?

Hericystins, which are found in lion’s mane, have been shown to bind to estrogen receptors and potentially influence hormone levels. Additionally, Lion’s Mane mushroom extract has been shown in vitro (test tube) studies to inhibit the growth of certain types of breast cancer cells that are fueled by estrogen. However, human clinical trials are needed to confirm these effects. 

Does lion’s mane help with weight loss?

Lion’s mane has the ability to clean up the digestive system and make it more efficient, but it does not have a direct tie to being a weight loss strategy.

When should I take lion’s mane?

Since lion’s mane provides increased brain cognition and function, it is best to take it in the morning or early afternoon so you can reap the benefits of a clear and focused mind throughout your day.

How much lion’s mane should I take?

Naturopaths suggest that lion’s mane can be taken up to 3 separate times in the day at dosages of between 250mg and 750mg.  Get creative and mix it into your morning hot or cold beverage. Always consult your healthcare provider when you add anything new to your healthcare regime.

Can you overdose on lion’s mane?

Probably not.  Some studies have been conducted where taking up to 3000mg is considered safe with minimal side effects.  Keep in mind that more is not always better.  There’s no need to take more than recommended to see positive results.

We hope the information in this article has intrigued and inspired you if you have been wondering if you should try lion’s mane.  Always consult your healthcare provider before adding anything to your health regime.

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