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Sea Salt Soap – Everything You Need To Know and Our 3 Best Picks!

Sea Salt Soap – Everything You Need To Know and Our 3 Best Picks! TheWellthieone

Sea salt soap is having a moment right now. It’s all over Instagram and Pinterest, and it’s even popping up in boutiques and local markets. But what exactly is sea salt soap, and why is it so popular? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Sea Salt Soap?

Sea salt soap is, quite simply, soap that contains sea salt. Most sea salt soaps also contain other ingredients like essential oils, minerals, and vitamins to nourish and revitalize the skin. The sea salt itself acts as an exfoliant, helping to slough away dead skin cells and reveal the soft, glowing skin underneath.

The Health Benefits of Using Sea Salt Soap

There are many benefits to using sea salt soap, both for the skin and the senses. The most obvious benefit is that it helps to exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. But sea salt soap also has other benefits, like:

-Detoxifying the skin by drawing out impurities

-Improving circulation

-Soothing irritated skin

-Reducing inflammation

-Minimizing the appearance of pores

In addition to all of these amazing skin benefits, sea salt soap often smells incredible thanks to the essential oils that are added to it. 

This means that not only will your skin feel amazing after using sea salt soap, but you’ll also enjoy a delicious aromatherapy experience.

Ready to try sea salt soap? We found 3 of the best, all-natural bars of sea salt soap:

1. 2 PCS Handmade Sea Salt Soap Goat Milk Cleaner for Face Dry

2 PCS Handmade Sea Salt Soap Goat Milk Cleaner

What we love about Sea Salt Soap Goat Milk Cleanser:

  • Pure and natural
  • Effectively improves acne
  • Exfoliates effectively yet gently, because the salt dissolves with use
  • Antibacterial
  • Formulated with nourishing goat’s milk which provides deep hydration
  • Balanced pH
  • Can be used for shaving
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap – Pack of 4

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

This is a classic sea salt soap with high reviews on Amazon. One fan of Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap contacted the company to ask why there were some unnecessary chemicals in the soap back in 2016. The manufacturer responded:

“We’ve made a few layers of upgrades to our US-made products, including the Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, over the years. The most up-to-date ingredient list for this particular product is as follows: Rainforest Alliance Certified palm oil, water, glycerin, sea salt, sea salt essence (fragrance), titanium dioxide (mineral), sodium chloride (salt), canubba (palm oil wax). A

Polyethylene is not currently listed on our label, nne el sea.We’re not sure if you’re looking at an older box/packaging or an ingredient list from an out-dated vendor.

Lastly, just as a heads up, we’ve removed tetrasodium etidronate from our ingredient list for the upcoming 2016 year for this product. Even though it was only at 0.017% (which was extremely low to begin with), we decided to replace it with sustainable coconut oil.

Sorry for the delay in responding. We’re a very small family company, so it takes us a little longer to get back to everyone. My mom, dad, and I have been working hard on developing great products (and improving upon them) each year! “Fun fact: our Sea Salt Soap is made in facilities that received the FIRST Organic Certification in the U.S.!”

3. A La Maison Fresh Sea Salt Bar Soap 8.8 oz

A La Maison Fresh Sea Salt Bar Soap

What we love about A La Maison Fresh Sea Salt Soap:

  • Triple French milled process that has remained consistent since 1828.  This makes the soap softer, finer and longer lasting.
  • Restore your skin to its healthiest state
  • Feels delightful
  • Free of SLS, parabens and phthalates
  • Gentle on the most sensitive skin
  • Highly rated on Amazon

How to Use Sea Salt Soap

For the best results, use sea salt soap in place of your regular bar soap or body wash. Wet your skin with warm water, then lather up the soap in your hands before applying it all over your body in circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water when you’re finished. Use it once or twice a week for best results.

It’s important to note that while sea salt soap can be used on the face, it may be too harsh for some people’s delicate facial skin. If you have sensitive skin or if you’re unsure about whether or not sea salt soap is right for your face, patch test it on a small area of skin first before using it all over your face.

 We wish you well on your continuing journey to optimum health!

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