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A Smokin Good Guide to Smoked Sea Salt and Our Favorite Pick

A Smokin Good Guide to Smoked Sea Salt and Our Favorite Pick TheWellthieone

You may have seen it at your local gourmet grocery store or in trendy recipes, but what exactly is smoked sea salt? This type of salt is made by slowly smoking salt crystals over a smoldering fire. The process infuses the salt with a subtle smoky flavor that can elevate any dish. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about smoked sea salt, from how it’s made to how to use it in your cooking.

How Is Smoked Sea Salt Made?

Smoked sea salt is made using a traditional cold-smoking method. To start, salt crystals are placed on a metal grating over a smoldering fire. The fire is kept low so that the heat does not damage the delicate salt crystals. Oak, pecan, hickory, or mesquite wood chips are often used for flavor. As the smoke rises, it slowly permeates the salt, infusing it with a subtle smoky flavor.

The smoking process can take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the desired level of smokiness. Once the desired flavor is achieved, the salt is placed in an airtight container to preserve its freshness.

Uses for Smoked Sea Salt

Now that you know how smoked sea salt is made, let’s explore some ways to use it in your cooking. This type of salt is perfect for adding a touch of smokiness to grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and even desserts! Try substituting smoked sea salt for regular salt in your favorite recipe or experiment with one of the following ideas:

  • Sprinkle smoked sea salt over grilled steak or chicken before serving.
  • Add a pinch to roasted Brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes for extra flavor.
  • Rim the glass of a savory cocktail like a bloody mary with smoked sea salt.
  • Use as a finishing touch on chocolate desserts like brownies or cakes.

We recommend

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Hickory Smoked Sea Salt 2 lb
Hickory Smoked Sea Salt 2 lb

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  • Hickory wood is used to smoke pure sea salt
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  • Iconic for BBQ foods
  • Contains no MSG, soy, gluten or anti-caking agents
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Concluding Thoughts

Smoked sea salt is a unique ingredient that can add unexpected flavor to any dish. Now that you know how this type of salt is made and some ways to use it, get creative in the kitchen and experiment with this delicious seasoning! Your taste buds will thank you.

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