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Discover Little-Known Ume Tea and 4 of Its Potent Health Benefits

Many feel like they have tried everything to lose weight; protein shakes, gym memberships, pills and supplements; none of them have produced the results they are looking for. There might be a much less complicated route than expected.

What is ume?

Ume is an under the radar, predominantly Japanese and Korean fruit that is similar to a plum. It is occasionally called Plum Ume. It can be used to make a healthy tea that has many benefits. Ume tea has been historically used in Japan as a favorite way to stay healthy.

 The ume fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, and the tea made from it is a great way to get these benefits. Ume tea is known to boost the immune system, improve digestion, and help with weight loss. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. It is delicious served cold or hot.

Umeboshi, Preserved or Dried Ume

Traditional Japanese preserved plums are known as umeboshi. The Japanese word for plum fruit is “ume,” while the word for dry is “boshi.” Ao-ume, a type of firm, green plum, is used to make this traditional and well-liked preserved delicacy, which is subsequently dried in the sun. 

Utilizing purple Shiso perilla leaves, it is often colored red. Umeboshi has been used traditionally as a medicine and as a portable food in times of need. Citric acid is responsible for the salty and sour umeboshi flavor. This sour and salty taste is so intense that it comically causes lips to crumple or pucker.

What does ume taste like?

If you would like to give ume fruit a try, the best variety of ume to eat fresh is Nanko-ume. It is similar in color to an orange, and its fragrance is reminiscent of an apricot. Nanko-ume features a deliciously potent apricot aroma and a tart, yet fruity flavor.

Is ume a plum?

Ume fruits get confused and put into the plum category often, and this is accepted and people who eat ume know that it is its own kind, apart from the plum. The confusion may be because they look like plums, but they are not plums.

What is Ume plum tea good for?

Ume has a myriad of health benefits, mainly for helping digestive issues. It helps the digestive system extract nutrients out of food more efficiently and, at the same time, helps prevent bloating and dyspepsia. Dyspepsia involves feeling uncomfortable in the upper or middle of the stomach when there is an imbalance of stomach acids that are not digesting food properly.

What typical ume tea products are available to try?

Gyokuroenn Ume Konbucha Japanese Tea | Kelp Tea with Ume Plum

This is an authentic product from Japan. It contains a popular flavor combination of freeze-dried kelp and ume. This product is powdered, so it is easy to stir into hot water for tea.

Gyokuroenn Ume Konbucha Japanese Tea Kelp Tea with Ume Plum TheWellthieone
Gyokuroenn Ume Konbucha Japanese Tea

Haioreum Ume Plum Tea – Sweet and Tangy Infused With Korean Ume Plums

This product is a flavor experience made in Korea. Add two tablespoons of the brine to a teacup and add hot or cold water for tea.

Use it as a topping on bread or cookies, or as a sauce for culinary dishes.

Haioreum Ume Plum Tea - Sweet and Tangy Infused With Korean Ume Plums TheWellthieone
Haioreum Ume Plum Tea

Although rich in phytochemicals like many other fruits and vegetables, ume has an extraordinary potency of antioxidants due to its bitter taste, even when ripe. These act as protection against all sorts of cancers and slow the process of aging inside and out.

4 Powerful Health Benefits of Ume

It helps detox the liver

The liver is constantly protecting the body by hiding toxins deep within itself. Eventually, the liver needs some help removing the toxins it has stored. Ume fruit, whether fresh or consumed in tea, is an important ally to the liver as it helps the liver’s detoxification process and decreases liver damage.

Digestive Benefits

Ume creates a more efficient and balanced digestion, which can help with bloating, constipation, and too much acid. Once stomach acid is balanced, stomach ulcers are reduced or eliminated. It is rich in potassium, manganese, and fiber.

Oral Health Benefits

Ume has powerful antimicrobial attributes that have the ability to eliminate bacteria that reside in the mouth and digestive track that cause bad breath and gum issues such as gingivitis.

Aids in Weight Loss

Since ume does wonders to fine tune the digestion process, nutrients are absorbed more efficiently which helps the body feel satisfied and nourished. The sourness stimulates a better functioning digestive system.  This tells the brain to turn off its hunger signals which can lead to less of an appetite. 

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for a healthy way to relax, help your body detox and give your digestive system a boost all while drinking a cup of tea, ume tea is a great choice.  We wish you well in your continued journey towards optimum health.

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