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Beactive Plus Reviews – Does It Turn Off Sciatica Pain Like A Switch?

Beactive Plus Reviews - Does It Turn Off Sciatica Pain Like A Switch? TheWellthioene

Is sciatica pain keeping you from living your life? 

Many people are asking if the BEACTIVE Plus acupressure system really works. Is it really a simple pain relief brace that turns sciatica pain off like a switch without any medication? 

Is it possible that wearing this small brace will result in no more missed workdays, sleepless nights, or endless suffering?

Reviews for BeActive Plus tell the truth!

We are going to find out and take a look at some telling reviews gathered from Amazon. We looked at thousands of reviews, and below is the general idea from each of the 5 star reviews down to the 1 star review regarding the BeActive Plus sciatica relief brace.

There are thousands of reviews left by people who have tried BeActive Plus to relieve their sciatica pain. Each review is from a person who made a qualified purchase.

Out of the group of those who bought and used BeActive Plus:

53% left a 5 star review

15% left a 4 star review

11% left a 3 star review

6% left a 2 star review

14% left a 1 star review

When considering features, this same group rated the following out of 5:

Comfort:  3.7/5

Value for money:  3.4/5

Pain relief:  3.3/5

Helpful 5 Star Reviews

53% of reviewers for BeActive Plus left a 5 star review.  They overwhelmingly saw their sciatica pain switch off just like the manufacturer claimed.  These are some thrilled customers!

1.Ronald C Janisch

Rated 5/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2022

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it!!!

I saw the commercial one night when I woke briefly, in the morning I thought I had been dreaming! Saw it again a few days later when I was fully awake, and searched it out here on Amazon. The other reviews here convinced me to order one. 

The price seemed high for what looks like a simple velcro wrap, but as with many things, it’s knowledge more than material that you pay for. I have spinal stenosis and have had horrible pain in my right hip and down to my ankle for the last 4 years. 

I have had a horrible time being on my feet walking or even just standing. This device has made an amazing difference. I am not saying it has been a complete relief, but it is a world changer. I am now able to spend much more time walking and doing things around the house before I need to rest.

Find your sciatica pressure point and switch off the pain as you tighten the Beactive Plus sciatica brace.  You may have to experiment with different spots before you find the right one.  Then, BINGO, pain is much better or gone.

Here is the BeActive Plus description on Amazon:

BEACTIVE Plus Acupressure System – Sciatica Pain Relief Brace

BEACTIVE Plus Acupressure System - Sciatica Pain Relief Brace
Good things to know, manufacturer claims for BeActive Plus Sciatica pain relief brace:
  • Specifically for sciatica pain.  Addresses the lower back pain, shooting pains from that run up and down the legs
  • Affix the brace to compress the trigger point on your calf just below the knee to provide fast relief from sciatic nerve pain.
  • Results may vary from user to user
  • How to use the pressure brace for sciatica pain relief: Slide the brace just below the knee on either your right or left leg, then align the pressure pad at the outer edge of the calf, with the “R” for “Right” or the “L” for “Left” leg facing the front, then tighten to apply firm pressure on the calf.
  • The acupoint pressure pad applies gentle targeted compression to the trigger point just below the knee to provide relief.
  • Made of 80% neoprene and 20% polyester
  • Fits 12.5 inches to 21 inches around the calf.
  • Velcro adheres to the neoprene well past the Velcro base.
  • It is worn right below the knee, experiment to find the right place on your leg to compress the pressure point which will relieve your sciatica pain.
  • At first, wear for 2 hour intervals until you get comfortable with the brace, then wear for as long as you like.
  • Turns off sciatica pain like a switch!
  • For men and women, unisex
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2.CJ Craig

Rated 5/5 stars 

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2022

No Pain!!!!

I couldn’t and still can’t believe this BeActive Plus works so good. I bought two, one for me and one for my sister. I have had pain running up the side of my right leg since 2008, but this year 2022 it got so bad, I went to the emergency clinic twice for x-rays. I have tried everything, pain patches, aspirin, etc. nothing worked very good. 

I couldn’t sleep at night. Saw this commercial on a late show. It said approved by the FDA, so I ordered two. I have has absolutely NO pain since I put it on three days ago. I know it says not to wear it constantly, but I wear it most of the day and night. 

My sister who walks with two crutches because of rheumatoid arthritis is raving about this product. She has minimal pain now and can do what she hasn’t been able to do in 3 years. I’m 73 years old and my sister is 59. Thank you for this product. I don’t know how it works for sure, but it works!!

Helpful 4 Star Reviews

14% of reviewers left a 4 star review.  They saw significant pain relief, though not 100% relief all the time.  They recommend giving it a try because it does work.

  1. Beth P

Rated 4/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2022

Seems to help most of the time

I bought this to give it a try, as when in pain, one will generally try anything to relieve that pain. It did seem to help my sciatic pain. I did however have a few days when I think I just wore it for too long because it started to irritate my calf where the pressure point piece rests (which is the reason I’m not giving this a 5 star review). I used this about a month, but recently had an epidural injection, so am not needing to use this right now. But it’s nice to know that I have something to help when the shot wears off and the pain returns.
Bottom line, if you are suffering from sciatic pain, give this a try. Just be careful to give your calf a break from the pressure point once in a while.

2. M. Canada

Rated 4/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2022

It works for me!

It’s definitely worth the purchase! Comfortable and easy to use. I wanted to wait/use before writing a review. I recently started to have lower back pain due to my sciatic nerve. It would come and go. 

Tightness in my lower back making it difficult to walk. I saw the commercial and ordered it. This was in Sept 2022. It works for ME! It reduces the pain and stiffness in my lower back. I sleep in it and wear it to work. It’s not needed all the time… just when I have symptoms. It’s worth it in my opinion!

Helpful 3 star reviews

  1. Deeredale

Rated 3/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2022

It helps!

Didn’t perform as well as I had hoped. It does help, but not as much as I expected.

  1. Happy Grandma

Rated 3/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2022

Hard to place the wrap

I guess this wrap would work if you knew exactly where to place the pressure point. The instructions are pretty vague. I am not getting much relief, but I may not have it positioned correctly. 

I have tried several spots. The first time I put it on, I got a little relief but I haven’t been able to get any more in my subsequent tries. They need better instructions on how you find the pressure point.

Helpful 2 star reviews

6% of the reviewers of BeActive Plus left a 2 star review.  Some questioned if they had the pressure point location correct, and really could have used better directions or more instruction to place the unit below the leg correctly.

  1. I Haden

Rated 2/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2022

BeActive Plus

This was too big for my leg, and I am average height and weight.

This did nothing for my pain.

In fairness, it is well made and the company that it came from was prompt and efficient. Also, maybe what I have is not sciatic pain but something else.
So that figures into the equation as well.

  1. Lowell

Rated 2/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2022

Could use much better instructions 

Had it for about a month and still don’t know how to use it. The videos are not specific enough and one need to know exactly where to place the bump thing that supposedly provides relief. Basically, I don’t know if it works because I’m not sure I’m wearing it correctly and it’s the manufacture’s fault for not providing better instructions.

Helpful 1 star reviews

14% of the reviewers for BeActive Plus did not feel the product worked for their pain.  Some questioned if their pain stemmed from sciatica at all.  Others thought the directions could have been more specific for placement over the pressure point correctly.
  1. ShayMa

Rated 1/5 stars

Verified purchase

Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2022

Nothing anticipated

I believe in order for this to work you must be in the beginning stages of having Sciatica. The person I purchased it for is adamant about the fact that it hasn’t helped at all. The only thing is that depending on how tight it is adjusted.

It may numb the pain, but doesn’t necessarily stop the pain that is experienced. Took it to the local pharmacy for them to demonstrate if it was being used correctly and yes it was,but still no relief from the Sciatica. 

Wanted it to work so bad because of reviews and looking forward to some type of relief. The delivery was awesome.  Customer service with the actual supplier was awesome as well. The price isn’t too bad.  Was just hoping for some actual relief from the piece of apparatus.

Concluding Thoughts regarding the efficacy of the BeActive Plus Sciatica pain relief brace

With the BEACTIVE Plus Acupressure System, 68% of the thousands who left reviews left either a 4 or 5-star rating. That’s an overwhelming majority of people suffering with sciatica pain who had it relieved, and they are now going about their days without debilitating sciatic nerve pain.

Those are good odds!

The rate of success shows that the BeActive Plus  sciatica brace will work to switch off your pain too.  It has worked for 68% of those who tried it.  And if it doesn’t work for you, just return it, worry free.
The rate of success shows that the BeActive Plus sciatica brace will work to switch off your pain too. It has worked for 68% of those who tried it. And if it doesn’t work for you, just return it, worry free.

The manufacturer says that results may vary, so having almost 7 out of 10 experience pain-free results is very encouraging.

Imagine being able to do the things you love again without sciatica holding you back. Chances are, this brace will work for you too, and there’s no reason not to try it for yourself. You can return it, no questions asked, through Amazon’s policy within 30 days.

Hope you feel better soon!

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