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A Change Is As Good As A Rest 2 Best Portable Workstations For Working Outside Of the Office

A Change Is As Good As A Rest 2 Best Portable Workstations For Working Outside Of the Office

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. We can’t be on vacation or with our family all the time. Times have changed, and many of us can be more flexible with our daily work location. Why not find a quiet place outside, if weather permits, and enjoy the sounds of nature as you tackle your to-do list? Or if you do not have the luxury of an extra room in your home for an office, make one yourself wherever you want.

We are encouraged to stay home if we are not feeling our best, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be productive. Having an organized and definite workspace is important to getting into the productive groove.

Maybe it’s a side hustle that you need to attend to, or you work for yourself. Why not change it up a bit, move outside in the warmer months, and give yourself some new inspiration? More people are becoming increasingly flexible at work, and this is making their lives easier and presenting them with new opportunities.

Productive people understand that not being in the office doesn’t mean less gets done. We still need to do the same amount or more from home or wherever that day brings us.

Working Outside When Weather Permits

In Southern California, people take the concept of “working outside of the office” to the max because of the favorable weather.

They use portable, fold-up desks that really consider ergonomics and practicality. People are setting up their workspaces on beaches and along the Intracoastal waterways on lounge chairs with the right hardware to keep them comfortable and productive.

Working Outside When Weather Permits
Working Outside When Weather Permits

Why not get the most practical equipment that will allow you to work and enjoy nature, or just go somewhere new all at once? Portable workspaces have come a long way in design and value.

We have viewed enough outdoor and indoor portable workstations to see what people are gravitating towards due to ease of use. Most are light, portable, fold up, and can be stored in your vehicle.

Two of the Best Portable Workstation Options

Without further delay, here are the 3 best, highly rated, portable, and adjustable workstations or desks that will give you comfort and options when working away from the office.

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What is the best portable lap laptop desk?

Lap Desk With Pillow

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Mouse Pad and Phone Holder – Silver Carbon Finish – For up to 15.6” laptops

Lap Desk With Pillow
LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Mouse Pad and Phone Holder

Things We Love About the Lap Gear Home Office Lap Desk:

  • The surface dimensions are generous at 21.1×12″.
  • It folds up into the size of a briefcase with a carry handle.
  • The phone slot is a must-have!  The slot dimensions are 5″ x.75″.  It holds your phone vertically.
  • There is an integrated mousepad.
  • Innovation When considering comfort, there are dual conforming bolster cushions, which are generous and super comfortable.
  • The fabric used for the pillow is durable and has quality stitching that is reinforced. This is often hard to find.
  • The excellent airflow design of this laptop lap desk allows for proper ventilation of the laptop, as recommended by manufacturers. for the longevity of the laptop.

What Is the Best Portable Workstation?

Limitless TotalDesk Portable Workstation and Lap Desk with Adjustable Height & Tilt (Black)

Limitless TotalDesk Portable Workstation
TotalDesk Portable Workstation and Lap Desk

This desk can transform into an option for many different and useful scenarios.  It is best shown in this informational video on Amazon found here.

Here’s what we love about this portable workstation:

  • Its height is adjustable for customized comfort.
  • It’s angle is adjustable for even more customized comfort
  • Features a faux leather finish and a stopper on the desktop to prevent items from falling off.
  • Built in accessory slot for your phone
  • Book stand
  • Detachable phone mount
  • Cable openings to connect a device to a charger.
  • Cup holder
  • Storage drawer
  • Collapsible design that is low profile.  Fold it up and tuck it under the couch, bed, in the trunk of your car.  Stores well against a wall or in the closet when not in use.

It may be time to consider working in different places. Be that guy on the beach working in between ocean dips. Give your eyes something new to look at while you work. Life is short. Change, they say, is often as good as a rest. 

Do you work in different places by taking yourself and your laptop out of the office for variety? Tell us about it. Where do you go? What benefits does working outside of your office give you?

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