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Atlantic Dulse: The Premier Seaweed Superfood That Tastes Mildly Like Bacon

Atlantic Dulse: The Premier Seaweed Superfood That Tastes Mildly Like Bacon

Dulse has been around for a long time, and the goal of this article is  to increase the amount of people using it in their meals on a regular basis, because it can really improve overall health.  Dulse is an extraordinary superfood from the sea that is super nutritious and has some very unique culinary uses.  

Incorporating dulse into your next meal could make you look like a culinary expert and a health hero! 

We will be addressing common questions about dulse which will clear up the fog when it comes to this superfood, and may likely get you on the road to consuming it more and reaping its health benefits.

What is dulse?

The scientific name for dulse is palmaria palmata.  It is a wild seaweed with a reddish to purple hue that grows in the colder regions of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Northwest Pacific Ocean.  Dulse can be distinguished apart from other seaweeds because of the way it grows on the face of rocks.  

What is dulse?
What is dulse?

How is dulse harvested?

Harvesting dulse is painstaking.  It is done by hand during the summer only from June to October at depths reaching 65 feet.  Shells and sand are removed from the dulse and then it is placed in the sun to dry.  Once it is dried, it is ready to be packaged as whole pieces, powder or flakes.  It can be shipped fresh too, but the dried variety seems to be used more due to its practical nature.

How is dulse harvested
How is dulse harvested

What is the difference between Atlantic and Pacific dulse?

The northern Atlantic waters are known to be cleaner, more pristine than the Pacific waters, often giving Atlantic dulse a premium reputation for being better than its Pacific counterpart.  Gourmet chefs and those that are alternative health individuals seek out Atlantic dulse.  

This fact aside, they are both super nutritious, and if you can incorporate dulse into your meals, whether it be harvested from the Atlantic or the Pacific, just do it!

In addition to being harvested along the North American coastlines, dulse also comes from the shores of Ireland and Norway.

What is Atlantic Dulse?

Atlantic dulse is harvested only in the cold northern Atlantic, and is considered to be the premier location for growing, as these waters are known to be cleaner and more pristine.

Is Atlantic dulse the same as seaweed?

Seaweed is a large category of marine plants and algae, usually growing in saltwater.  Dulse is in the seaweed category along with other species like kelp and nori.  All edible seaweed is rich in nutrients. 

What are different ways to eat dulse?

Those that revere dulse use it primarily as a:

  •  Cooking ingredient
  • Topping with dulse flakes
  • As a medicinal
  • In beauty creams and scrubs

What are dulse flakes?

Once the dulse is harvested and dried, it can be minimally processed.  Breaking up the dried dulse with a machine creates more uniform pieces  or flakes.  One of the more convenient way to use dulse is in its flaked form, as it makes it easier to add to soups and stews, and as a topping.

What does Atlantic dulse taste like?

Dulse has a mildly salty and savory flavor of the ocean.  The taste is described using the fifth flavor of umami. 

The fact that it tastes somewhat like bacon when it is fried has all sorts of foodies with their eyebrows raised.  Vegan bacon products have been made with dulse and have enjoyed sales successes.  

If you like bacon, it certainly is a way to eat bacon more often if you are or are not vegan, to try this healthier alternative.  Appreciating dulse as if it were a substitute for bacon requires an open mind and an adventurous food spirit.  Why not let this superfood replace your bacon every so often?

What are the health benefits of Atlantic Dulse?

What are the health benefits of Atlantic Dulse
What are the health benefits of Atlantic Dulse

  •  Lower blood pressure
  • Build strong, healthy bones due to the high concentration of minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium.  These minerals contribute to bone density.
  • Improves vision- High vitamin A content in dulse acts as an antioxidant to prevent damaged eye tissue from free radicals. 
  • Strengthen and protect the immune system
  • Strengthen the nervous system, fatty acids present in dulse like Omega 3 are used by the immune system.
  • Improve thyroid health, as dulse is rich in iodine
  • Heart and brain health:  Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are present in good quantities in dulse, which contributes to the health of the brain and heart.

Is dulse good for your liver?

Dulse has the ability to go and find deeply stored heavy metals that are in the liver.  Dulse binds to the heavy metal and holds onto it until it exits your body, making it an excellent way to detox.

Does dulse remove mercury?

Dulse is the best seaweed for removing mercury.  It is able to find stores of mercury in the gut and digestive tract.  Dulse binds to this mercury and holds on tight as both the dulse and the heavy metal exit the body.

5 Tips on how to Incorporate Dulse Into Your Meals

Dulse is versatile in that it can be eaten raw, dried, fried, roasted or used in soups as a thickening agent.

  •  Use instead of salt by sprinkling the flakes on your food.
  • Flakes sprinkled over your eggs
  • Steep dulse as a tea
  • Add to pickled vegetables, full strips
  • Use dulse flakes as a topping for popcorn

Where Can I Buy Atlantic Dulse?

These organic Atlantic dulse flakes come highly recommended with over 4,000 reviews and just over a 4.5 rating on Amazon.  

Dulse Flakes 4 oz Bag - Wild Atlantic - Organic
Dulse Flakes 4 oz Bag – Wild Atlantic – Organic

Some Simple Ways to Enjoy Dulse

  •  Dulse and avocado toast 
  • Add to your soups and stews
  • Make a BLT into a DLT, Dulse Lettuce and Tomato.  Devine!

This brand, Too Good Botanics, has a great whole leaf Atlantic dulse for uses other than flakes. I highly recommend this one.

Organic Dulse Leaf, Atlantic Canada, Dark Harbour, non-GMO
Organic Dulse Leaf, Atlantic Canada, Dark Harbour, non-GMO

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