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Mobile and Productive Kids 3 Best Lap Desks For Kids, a Designer Challenge

Mobile and Productive Kids 3 Best Lap Desks For Kids, a Designer Challenge

Kids are always on the move. Many are high-energy people, and being told to stay in one place for too long can really get them down. Not everyone is productive sitting in the same location at a traditional desk, especially our children, who are full of energy and want to see new things.

Change It Up

Children and teens enjoy changing it up. How often do you see your child laying on the floor in different positions as they try to get their homework done? Or they have their feet up in some odd position on the couch while they tell you they are doing their homework, but from what you can see, that is hardly the case.

Making Hours Spent in the Car More Productive
Making Hours Spent in the Car More Productive

Making Hours Spent in the Car More Productive

What about all of those long hours spent in the car, and what if your child had just a little bit of a workspace that felt like their own? It might be more fun to read a book or complete a math activity on their laptop if they had a workspace that was comfortable and inviting.

Do I need a lap desk designed specifically to sit on my lap? Are lap desks useful?

The goal is to make studying more mobile and perhaps a little more interesting. Traditional trays can help create a hard surface for writing or laptop use, but they are not designed for longer durations of use. A ridged surface is needed, but we need more. We need more inviting features. All of the student’s needs should be anticipated.

Lap desks are designed ergonomically with the intention of eliminating neck, back, and shoulder pain that can arise from poor posture when working at angles that can cause strain.

Laptops get hot, and if they are sitting on a person’s lap with little to no ventilation, they can get unbearably hot. This is not good for the longevity of your laptop, either.

The Challenge

Top designers from different manufacturers were enlisted to come up with the best lap desks for kids. They were to consider functionality, practicality, lightweight properties, and comfort.

Designers were requested to avoid traditional kid’s plastic Tupperware or stackable-type work tables that are bulky and can be uncomfortable.

Before the teams went to work, they had a question. They wanted to know what kids wanted most when they were looking for a lap desk. It turns out they found that the most searched for phrases on search engines when kids were looking to buy a lap desk workspace was:

  • A lap desk with storage
  • A lap desk pillow

 In response to the most searched attributes in a lap desk, top designers were put to work to create a study space that encouraged imagination and discovery. They were told to put practical storage into the portable study lap desk and make it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, preferably with a pillow incorporated into the design. The challenge was to create the most practical, usable, and helpful workstations for kids. Many different lap desks for kids were presented. We picked the top 3 best lap desks for kids and here they are:

1. Birdrock Home’s

Lap Desk for Laptop and Writing – Teal Strokes

Lap Desk for Laptop and Writing - Teal Strokes- Laptop Stand Accessories
Lap Desk for Laptop and Writing – Teal Strokes- Laptop Stand Accessories


  • Multipurpose use for laptops, phones, tablets, books and writing
  • Tablet or phone slot fits devices that are 9.6” or smaller
  • Fits laptops that are 15” or smaller
  • Work surface is 18.9” X 14.96” x 13.15”
  • Memory foam comfort
  • Ergonomic design:  Memory foam is cut at a beneficial angle for ergonomics
  • Handle for portability
  • Work in comfort seated, on the floor or bed.

Why we like this one:

  • The angle of the wedge they cut on this desk is ideal for comfort.  
  • Clean look. Slot at the top is great for hands-free viewing of your phone or tablet.
  • Memory foam is extra comfortable.
  • Kids can choose to decorate the desk to their liking with paint markers or leave it plain.

2. Rossie Home Storage Lap Desk with Sliding Lid – Calming Gray – Style No. 71005

Rossie Home Storage Lap Desk with Sliding Lid
Rossie Home Storage Lap Desk with Sliding Lid


  • Fits up to 17.3” laptops
  • The right side storage compartment is 12” X 7.25”, left side compartments are ideal for accessories
  • The sliding lid surface stays put with hidden magnets and slides left or right. 
  • Organization is easy with lots of compartments
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable padded lap portion with quality fabric.

This lap desk is occasionally on sale.

Why We Like This One:

  • Larger than average writing surface
  • Clever storage under the writing surface
  • Hidden storage
  • Ergonomic slanted design
  • Kids have the option to decorate the surface in their own style with paint markers or leave it plain

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BIRDROCK HOME Lap Desk with Storage and Cushion – Deep Compartment – Adjustable Top

BIRDROCK HOME Lap Desk with Storage and Cushion
BIRDROCK HOME Lap Desk with Storage and Cushion
  • Frame and top is made of manufactured wood 
  • Cushion bottom
  • Stylish
  • Weighs 6.49 lbs
  • Deep, generous storage area
  • DIMENSIONS: 13 Width x 17” Length x 5.3” Height; Interior Dimensions: 11” Width x 15” Length x 2” Height
  • Carry handle

Why We Like This One:

  • Generous storage area
  • Storage is hidden
  • Keep it plain or decorate with paint markers
  • Comfortable cushioned lap area with stylish fabric.

Regardless of the brand or style chosen, what is most important is useful design. Features need to serve the task. We hope that this information makes it easier to decide on your first or next lap desk.

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