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The Snowflake Multi Tool: Something You Should Consider Carrying With You: 18 Tools In 1

The Snowflake Multi Tool: Something You Should Consider Carrying With You: 18 Tools In 1

Have you ever been in a situation where something is loose and  tightening it with a simple screwdriver that you do not have would be the perfect solution?  Instead, using that less than optimal piece of equipment knowing that it was not performing its best was what the default was.  Perhaps there was a time when the safety of a piece of equipment was diminished because of lack of maintenance? 

I bought one of these for each of our tween and teenaged kids over a year ago as a safety precaution, and they were unsure as to what to do with it.  I told them to put it on their backpack and let it just hang there, ready to be of service when they or their friends are in need of a repair.  

Months went by, and nothing was mentioned about the tool, or if it was ever used.  Until one day my son Matthew was looking to tighten something on his bike.  His Dad was not available to show him where all the standard sized tools were until after work, and he was needing the installation immediately.

The Snowflake Multi Tool
The Snowflake Multi Tool

Impatient, my son found the Snowflake Multi-Tool in his backpack and got to work.  He wanted to attach a surf trailer to his bike.  The tool worked perfectly, and my son was happy, and quite proud of himself.

The Snowflake Multi Tool Use on Different Tools
The Snowflake Multi Tool Use on Different Tools

Think about all of the situations in life that can be made better with optimal functioning equipment.   Safety can be improved, and overall confidence can soar when you know that you are using safe, well maintained (by you) equipment, supplies, or you name it.

The IN Movement of Being Prepared

Boy Scouts aside, learning to become self-sufficient is IN.  The more we realize our survival relies on others the more people are hungry to learn what they can do to contribute to their own well being and self sufficiency, and change that.  

Skilled Service People Are In Short Supply

Do you ever stop and wonder WHY practical skills like auto shop repair and woodworking were taken out of schools?  Back in the 1960s, for example, a student could graduate with a certificate that allowed him to be an auto mechanic.  This is not offered anymore for the most part, and the result is few students learning practical skills requiring tools.  

No one seems to know how to do much for themselves anymore when it comes to making basic repairs.  If they do, it is because they took a real interest in teaching themselves, or learning from a mentor.

Learning to use tools is important especially when help is not on the way, or when help can prove to be too costly.  More learning contributes to leveling up on confidence when it comes to using tools.

Using tools is one way to travel the road to more self-sufficiency.  We need to fix things all the time.  It’s not practical to expect others to do it for you all the time.

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The Duct Tape Solution

I’ve noticed that those who fail to learn to use basic tools seem to use a lot of duct tape.  Eventually, duct tape isn’t enough, and we have to do without or learn to perform a more quality repair.  

We can put our safety at risk when we give too much credit to a “fix” product like duct tape.  People who don’t care enough to learn how to repair items properly and fix things half way are also perceived the same.  Halfway is not good enough and duct tape fixes make the person who used it often look foolish.

Online Videos Can Help Self Repair Immensely

Today we have the advantage of finding a video online to help guide us to repairing or building almost anything.  Step by step videos can be paused so we can work alongside the pros and accomplish our job with a great sense of self satisfaction.

There are many great multi-tool products out there, one of the first genres that come to mind are the Swiss Army types.  As much as these multi-tools are worth their cost, and some are quite expensive, this article is going to focus on a super handy and inexpensive 18 tool in one product called the Snowflake Multi-tool, named after its shape and design.

Benefits to Using a Snowflake Multi-Tool

  1.  Multi-tools are light and portable, and can be tucked away in the side pocket of your everyday purse,  briefcase or backpack, ensuring that it is always available when the need arises.
  1. Multi-tools give you options when you are deciding how to tackle a job.
  2. Multi-tools can help avoid injury by providing the right tool for the job.  For example, how many times have you witnessed people sacrificing their teeth to open a package?   A simple puncture tool can do a better and safer job.
  3. A positive reputation of someone who is reliable, someone who thinks ahead and someone who is prepared is earned by knowing how to fix things.  This is a positive perception to develop about you from those you mingle with.  This opinion of others in turn allows you to develop your handy skills further, as you start to identify yourself the same way, as someone who is an intelligent and capable problem solver.
The Snowflake Multi Tool use on Bike
The Snowflake Multi Tool use on Bike

What is a Snowflake Multi Tool?

The Snowflake Multi Tool and similar tools like it are indispensable. They are lightweight, small and pack a useful punch!  If you are just starting out with tools, this is one piece that would be a great item to carry with you.  

Get used to using this Snowflake Multi Tool by making it accessible when tucked into your everyday carrying bag, or with it attached to your keys.  

There are so many daily tasks that can be made easier and safer by using it, and getting into the habit of using a Snowflake Multi Tool can be developed quickly if you carry it all the time. Put it on your keychain, it will be in sight and a reminder that it is at your service.

Are Snowflake Tools Any Good?

While the tools provided on this 1 unit multi-tool can’t rival the full sized version that are kept at home, this tool shines when traveling due to its lightweight and compact size.  The many different uses and tasks that it can do make it a must have for when you are not close to your own collection of full sized tools.

What Tools Are On The Snowflake Multi-Tool?

(Please see labeled photo above)

The following is an inventory of all the tools that this small multi-tool can replace, especially when you are travelling.

  1. Phillips Screwdriver: Metric (millimeter) – 3; SAE (inch) – 1/8
  2.  Allen Wrench, Metric (millimeter) – 3-4-5-6-8-9; SAE (inch) – 1/8-5/32-3/16-1/4-11/32-6/16
  3. Outer Hex Wrench: Metric (millimeter) – 7-8-9-10-11-13; SAE (inch) – 9/32-11/32-6/16-3/8-7/16-1/2
  4. Box cutter
  5. Rope Cutter, plant trimmer
  6. Bottle Opener
  7. Keyhole
The Snowflake Multi Tool Infograph
The Snowflake Multi Tool Infograph

Great for trimming in the garden

Fix your skateboard, bicycles, tighten/loosen screws, tighten/loosen bolts, open packages, use it for cutting flowers/gardening tasks, the options are seemingly endless.   All of these practical uses make the Snowflake Multi Tool a great choice to add to your survival toolkit as well.  This is a very practical, inexpensive, lightweight and useful tool.  Great for beginners, too.  

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