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Significantly Reduce Hair Loss With Garlic Shampoo. The 2 Best Brands To Try

Significantly Reduce Hair Loss With Garlic Shampoo. The 2 Best Brands To Try

Did you know that garlic shampoo was a thing? Seriously? We thought that garlic shampoo was a product that people would gift each other for a little comedy. After all, people get in the shower with the assumption that they will smell much better after they complete it.

If someone has been cooking delicious, garlicky Italian food all day, processing garlic for culinary delights, they might want to wash the smell away with a shower after that endeavor.

But the concept of garlic shampoo is the complete opposite. Why would someone go into the shower to wash off only to come out smelling like garlic?  The benefits of using garlic in shampoo must be worth it.

We just had to find out.

Buzzfeed had some of their staff try the garlic shampoo, and their reactions were honest, comical, and thoughtful, as put together in this video:

All jokes aside, garlic is not only super healthy for you when eaten, it is also REALLY good for your hair and scalp. Garlic has a high content of selenium, which boosts circulation in the scalp, nourishing all of the hair follicles on a deeper level.

The follicles are deeply cleaned, though on a gentle level, and any clogging of the follicles is cleansed away with the powerful nutrients in the garlic. 

Any signs of scalp issues like dandruff or itchy scalp are soothed by it as well. These are issues that can be solved naturally without the use of common conventional concoctions that are full of strong, unnatural chemical ingredients.

Don’t forget that anything you put on the scalp or skin is absorbed by the body. Some health-inclined people are very finicky about their hair and skin products, almost to the point that if they can’t eat it, they don’t want it on their skin or hair.

Well, garlic shampoo is not intended to be ingested, but the chemical content is certainly far less than if you are looking for something to naturally stimulate the scalp, reduce hair fall out, clean effectively and unclog hair follicles, and leave hair soft and manageable.

Here are some good brands of garlic shampoo to try if you feel adventurous. These ones are unscented, so maybe we don’t have to be as brave as we thought. There are over 1000 reviews rated 4.5 stars, so it looks like they may be worth trying.

Here is a helpful review from Inna I for Nutrine Garlic Shampoo and Conditioner below:

“When I was young I had periods of time when I had a ton of hair fall out in clumps. My mom used to buy this shampoo from a local beauty shop back then. It smelled like pure garlic then, which was not great but it worked. After 5-6 washes the hair stopped falling out and looked shiny and healthy. I’m almost 40 and these periods of fall out come and go for me. I always resort to this product and it always delivers. Now it has a scent but I kind of wish it still had the garlic smell. Apart from the nostalgia, I knew that it was garlic but this works just the same.”  Inna I

1. Nutrine Garlic Shampoo + Conditioner 20oz Combo Unscented

Nutrine Garlic Shampoo + Conditioner 20oz Combo Unscented TheWellthieone
Nutrine Garlic Shampoo

2. Nora Ross Unscented Garlic Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

Nora Ross Unscented Garlic Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair TheWellthieone
Nora Ross Unscented Garlic Shampoo

To sum up our findings, garlic shampoo hair and scalp health benefits are as follows:

1. Garlic is packed with sulfur, which is known for its ability to kill off bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice for people who suffer from scalp conditions like dandruff or oily scalp.

2. Garlic has natural antiseptic properties, which can help to heal any wounds on the scalp caused by scratching or other irritations.

3. Garlic can help to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

4. Garlic can help to prevent hair loss. It contains high levels of allicin, which has been shown to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

4. The sulfur in garlic can also help to prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles.

5. Garlic has potent antibacterial properties which can help to keep your scalp healthy and free from infection.

We wish you well on your continued journey to optimum health.

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