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The Best Purple Sea Moss on the Market and Its Incredible Health Benefits

The Best Purple Sea Moss on the Market and Its Incredible Health Benefits

If you’re looking for an unusual and exotic superfood, purple sea moss may be just the thing. Gathered from the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Jamaica or St. Lucia, purple sea moss is high in antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Prized by locals for its health benefits, sea moss makes a nutritious addition to your diet. Wondering how to use it? Here are a few ideas:

  • Add it to smoothies or juices for a nutrient boost.
  • Use it as a topping on salads or bowls.
  • Blend it with yogurt or milk to make a creamy pudding or drinkable shake.

What is the difference between Irish sea moss and purple sea moss?

It’s a common oversight, but purple sea moss gets categorized as purple Irish moss because Irish moss comes in many colors, from light green to deep purple and everything in between. 

This article is about purple sea moss, not purple Irish sea moss, which is scientifically known as the Cjrondrus Crispus species.

The purple sea moss we are referring to comes from the warmer waters of the Caribbean sea, as opposed to the colder northern Atlantic ocean, and its scientific name is Genus Gracilaria. It is understandable that many confuse the two because Irish sea moss comes in purple varieties, but this moss is different from Irish sea moss and is referred to as purple sea moss, and much of it is harvested off the coast of St. Lucia or Jamaica.

What does purple sea moss do for your body?

Health benefits of purple sea moss:

According to traditional Caribbean medicine, purple sea moss harvested from the Caribbean has a wide range of health benefits. These include boosting the immune system, promoting healthy skin and hair, and aiding in digestion.

There is some scientific evidence to support these claims. Purple sea moss is rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc. It also contains compounds like alginic acid and carrageenan, which have been shown to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Make no mistake, the naturally found carrageenan in purple sea moss is not the same as the carrageenan found on food labels in the ingredients section. That type of carrageenan is toxic because of the harmful chemicals used to extract it. This carrageenan, which can be found in whole food purple sea moss, is good for your health.Last, purple moss’s high protein content makes it beneficial for supporting tissue regeneration and growth.

The powerful antioxidants found in purple sea moss harvested off the coast of St. Lucia or Jamaica contain anthocyanins, which contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system and heart, lower inflammation, help keep bones strong and help prevent certain cancers.

Is purple sea moss rare?

The islanders who harvest purple sea moss will tell you that it is very rare. They say that the purple sea moss has additional health benefits and more potent phytonutrients when compared to the more abundant golden sea moss. Locals go to the trouble of seeking the purple sea moss because people there swear by it. They insist that it has helped them heal all sorts of chronic ailments, as it has anti-cancer and anti-heart disease capabilities.

What are the best purple sea moss brands to buy?

We have done the research so you don’t have to. We look for the least processed, true-to-nature sea moss with no preservatives or anything added or taken away. These are the best ones we found:

1. Purple Irish Sea Moss – Dr Sebi Inspired | Organic Raw Sea Moss

Purple Irish Sea Moss - Dr Sebi Inspired TheWellthieone
Purple Irish Sea Moss – Dr Sebi Inspired

2. Sweetsunnah 1 Pound Purple Natural Grown Sea Moss

1 Pound Purple Natural Grown Sea Moss TheWellthieone
1 Pound Purple Natural Grown Sea Moss

Once you have some purple sea moss on hand, most people process it naturally into a gel and keep it in a glass jar in the fridge. All it takes is rehydrating it for about 8–24 hours in filtered water and then blending it.

In this video, Purple Moss Paradise will show you how to make the perfect gel for all of your recipes:

3. Sea Moss | PURPLE | Makes 24oz of Gel | Raw + Non GMO

Sea Moss PURPLE Makes 24oz of Gel TheWellthieone
Sea Moss PURPLE Makes 24oz of Gel

We wish you well on your continued journey learning about optimum health.

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