The Snowboard Wrist Guard – The Latest In Snowboard Protective Gear 

The Snowboard Wrist Guard - The Latest In Snowboard Protective Gear TheWellthieone

It’s that time of year again; snowboarding season is something many look forward to all year! Getting our gear together is important, especially safety gear.

There are a few things you should always make sure to pack when snowboarding along with your board: a helmet, a warm jacket and accessories and protective clothing. Safety is important, and many snowboarders are opting to protect their hands and wrists to avoid common injuries.

Are wrist guards necessary for snowboarding?

Wrist guards are not necessary for snowboarding, but they can be a helpful precaution. Wrist guards protect the hands and wrists from injuries that can occur while boarding, such as cuts, abrasions, or broken bones.

According to most experts, wearing a wrist guard may help reduce the risk of injuries, but it’s not mandatory. If you’re comfortable without them, you’re not a beginner, and you take reasonable precautions, then by all means don’t wear them.

Wrist guards for someone who has been snowboarding three or fewer times

Snowboarding is a dangerous sport, and even beginner snowboarders should wear wrist guards to protect their hands. Wrist guards are designed to prevent injuries by protecting the hands from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. They also help reduce the impact force on the wrists when falling or landing.

Snowboarders are almost certain to be using their hands and wrists to steady themselves by touching the slope as they are moving.
Snowboarders are almost certain to be using their hands and wrists to steady themselves by touching the slope as they are moving.

Describe some of the injuries to the hands and wrists you can get while snowboarding

As a snowboarder just starting out, or if you are experienced and you like to push the limits, you are likely taking risks by doing things that you’re not yet experienced or comfortable with. 

This can lead to injuries to your hands and wrists, which can be difficult to heal and manage.

Here are some of the most common hand-and-wrist injuries that beginners commonly experience:

Sprains: When you twist your wrist too sharply while snowboarding, ligaments in your wrist may stretch abnormally. This can result in inflammation and pain and may require rest to heal properly.

Fractures: High-speed snowboarding puts a lot of strain on the bones in your wrists, especially if you don’t wear protective gear like a helmet, elbow, and wrist pads.If one of these bones fractures, it will usually cause significant damage and swelling. Wrist guards can save the inexperienced snowboarder a lot of trouble!

What to look for in a good wrist guard for snowboarding

A good wrist guard should protect your skin from scrapes, punctures, and bruises while you’re skiing or boarding. It should also be tight enough so that it doesn’t move around while you’re using it, but loose enough so that you can wear it comfortably without feeling constricted.

Wrist guards are inexpensive and worth the investment, especially for those starting out

Wrist guards are generally inexpensive when you consider the cost of an injury that they can help avoid. Top-of-the-line gear is not necessary. Most wrist guards are constructed the same, with hard plastic and padding where you need it most. Wrist guards like these will work great:

CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard Fitted Wrist Brace Wrist Support for Snowboarding

CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard Fitted Wrist Brace
Why we love Cthoper wrist guards for snowboarding:
  • Made tough
  • Provides excellent protection for your hands and wrists
  • Brings the best palm padding available
  • Sizing chart for the perfect fit
  • Help mitigate wrist pain if already injured
  • Excellent for snowboarding
  • Highly rated on Amazon

We hope you have a great time snowboarding!

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