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3 Health Benefits of a Pedicure and 3 of the Best Professional Products To Use For An At Home Pedicure

3 Health Benefits of a Pedicure and 3 of the Best Professional Products To Use For An At Home Pedicure

Summer is a beautiful season. The warmth of the sun and a cool lake or ocean breeze practically drag us out onto the beach in our sandals and sundresses. For most people summer can be a time for rest and relaxation, but this isn’t always the case for everyone. Keeping our feet and toes in good maintenance is an underrated struggle that many feel the brunt of in summer where open footwear is often more comfortable and fashionable.

It can be difficult, embarrassing even, to comfortably and confidently walk around when our feet are looking worse for wear. Thus, many people resign themselves to a summer of discomfort and shame, unaware that there is a simple solution to all their problems.

Pedicures. These are procedures designed to mend and care for the feet, toes and nails. Many dismiss these as purely cosmetic, but overlook the potential these procedures have to improve your general health and well-being. A simple pedicure might save you from a lot of pain and even prevent more serious consequences such as infections in these regions. With that in mind, let us go over 3 incredible health benefits that pedicures can provide.

What is a Pedicure?
What is a Pedicure?

What is a Pedicure?

Like many words in the English language, pedicure is derived from Latin roots.  In Latin, “pedis” means foot and “cura” stems from meaning “care.” Pedicure means caring for the foot.  A pedicure is suitable and enjoyed by both men and women. The ways in which the pedicure procedure achieves caring for the feet is by trimming and shaping through filing the toenails.  Tending to the cuticles by pushing them back, hydrating, exfoliating and massaging the feet for optimum blood flow are part of the process.  Painting the toenails at the end is optional.

Where to Get A Pedicure Near Me?

Did you know that “Where to get a pedicure near me?” is one of the most common questions Google gets when searching for the keyword “pedicure?”  

Does this mean that most people think they need someone else to do their pedicure because of the perception that they cannot do it themselves?  Or perhaps most think the work is too intricate, too uncomfortable, too difficult. Whatever their reason, they perceive that someone else needs to perform the service.

How Much is A Pedicure?

Based on data from over 900 salons across the USA, the average price of a pedicure ranges from $35-$55, plus tax and tip.  Multiply this by at least two pedicures a month in the summer at the very minimum, once a week being the frequency to keep feet in perfect summer condition, this is a costly habit that can cost from $70-$110 plus tax and tip per month to $140-$220 plus tax and tip per month depending on if you want to go 2 or 4 times per month to the pedicure salon.  This cost can really add up!

How To Save Money On Pedicures

Some feel this cost is worth the indulgence and the health benefits and beauty that result from a regular pedicure.   Others may want to get creative.  Why not learn the skills and buy the professional tools so you can do your own pedicures at home?  Or as a compromise, use the same tools that you see in a salon at home and use them for maintenance in between visits.  

How To Save Money On Pedicures
How To Save Money On Pedicures

For those wanting to learn how to do the pedicure process at home, and need some guidance on which tools are the best to buy for this purpose, keep reading.  First, let’s identify the top 3 health benefits of pedicures.

3 Health Benefits of Pedicures

  1. Calluses, although a form of protection, can be dangerous as they can often obstruct blood vessels and nerves. This can lead to loss of sensitivity in the feet and poor circulation of blood around the feet, especially in those suffering from diabetes. Pedicures can remove calluses safely, thus preventing and reverting the negative effects of calluses.
  1. Pedicures also prevent and reverse the onset of fungal infections in the feet. Ingrown nails are not only painful, but often lead to infections and poor circulation around the toe. Getting a professional pedicure can remove the ingrown toenail and prevent the onset of these infections.
  1. Last, but certainly not least. Pedicures help your feet look aesthetically pleasing and leave you feeling confident when you leave the house in any form of footwear.  This does wonders for your mental health and overall happiness.

3 of The Best Professional Pedicure Products To Use At Home

Learning to maintain your feet and toes using pedicures is an essential skill that will save you from so much pain and discomfort. Furthermore, learning to achieve professional results at home will spare your wallet from the high price of professional pedicures and stress of booking appointments. So, to have a look at 3 effective pedicure products you need in your home, keep reading.]

Your At Home Pedicure Kit Results in Your Own Pedicure Service

Think of these next 3 products, or products like them, as your “At Home Pedicure Kit.”  The pedicure service comes from very little effort from you, as the products replicate much of what you pay for in a salon. 

First, you need something to soak your feet in to soften the callused skin that will be removed.  A budget friendly option is simply a shallow tub of warm water, but if you want to give yourself a treat that keeps giving back, a great investment is a heated massaging footbath type of product like this one.

1.HoMedics 2-in-1 Sauna and Footbath with Heat Boost

HoMedics 2-in-1 Sauna and Footbath with Heat Boost
HoMedics 2-in-1 Sauna and Footbath with Heat Boost

This product by HoMedics is an incredible pedicure product. It is multifunctional, however its most notable attribute is its massaging capabilities. This is amazing for alleviating aches and pains in the feet. The product also applies heat to the feet and toes which improves blood circulation and works to alleviate pain as well. The product also contains pumice stones which work to file down calluses and corns.

The response to this 4 star product has been incredibly positive. Reviewers love the product and claim the experience resembles the professional pedicure experience. Many reviews state that the product is so pleasant that the users struggle to keep their feet out of it. Clearly the product has made an amazing impression on its customer base and would  be a worthwhile addition to anyone’s pedicure process.

2.Electric Callus Remover Kit

Electric Callus Remover Kit
Electric Callus Remover Kit

Calluses can be incredibly painful, uncomfortable and unsightly. This product allows you to file down calluses and remove them. This product can remove dead skin and calluses, but also comes with variable roughness. It has multiple attachments that have variable levels of roughness. The Callus Remover Kit is capable of dealing with a variety of different foot sensitivities and calluses.

This product is incredible and the public couldn’t agree more. The product has an incredible 5 star rating. The reviewers comment on the kit’s ability to file off their coarse dead skin and calluses. Many customers state that after trying a multitude of other products this Callus Remover Kit was the first to make a difference. Thus those suffering from calluses, dry feet and skin should definitely consider purchasing this product for their at home pedicures.

3.MelodySusie Electrical Professional Nail File Kit

MelodySusie Electrical Professional Nail File Kit
MelodySusie Electrical Professional Nail File Kit

Melody Susie’s Nail File Kit, is a perfect product for those trying to get their nails looking their absolute best. This kit is incredible in its functionality and variability. The kit contains 6 different sanding bands and metal bits, thus the kit is guaranteed to work on any set of nails. The kit also features adjustable rotation speed to allow users to tailor their filing experience to their preference. 

This small and portable filing kit is loved by basically everyone who tries it. MelodySusie’s Nail File Kit has a near perfect 4.5 star rating with over 60,000 ratings! Those who purchased the kit praise its efficiency and many voice disbelief that such a quality product could come at such a decent price. 

Many reviewers share pictures of their results with the product, which demonstrates the level of satisfaction that MelodySusie have managed to create with this petite and powerful device. Definitely a must buy for anyone trying to take their nails to the next level without paying the salon price.

In Conclusion, Make it A Sole Event or A Social Event!

There you have it.  Products like the ones above are transforming the way our feet are looked after.  People are learning quickly how to replicate the results of a professional pedicurist easily on their own schedule and in their own home.

 Most people are always looking at ways to save their money, and after the investment in products like the ones above, they will see savings very quickly if the trips to the salon lessen or cease because of them.  

At home pedicures are a popular activity to do with a friend, too, just like going to the salon, friends can enjoy time together in their home making their feet beautiful together without the payment to the salon at the end.

So unleash your creativity, you can do it!  Try a pedicure at home, and impress yourself and your friends!

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