Euro Pillows – That Decorative Punch That Brings A Room Together

Euro Pillows – That Decorative Punch That Brings A Room Together Thewellthieone

You know, that sea of pillows on a fancy bed? The ones that you most likely do not arrange on a typical weekday morning when you are rushing to get out of the house? Yes, those! The ones that may be put safely somewhere else and rarely displayed unless company comes over? Yes. We love our decorative Euro pillows!  Euro pillows are larger, and  usually found displayed behind the pillows you sleep on.  They add a design element that is unmatched, and even though they take a bit of effort to arrange perfectly, we love the look!

What Exactly Is a Euro Pillow?

The euro pillow is not the same size as a standard pillow, they are larger and square, usually 26×26”. They can be arranged on their own in the back propping up the regular practical pillows used to sleep with, or, with several other smaller pillows used to enhance the look of the décor design. They are most popular displayed on a bed or on a sofa.

Euro pillows can serve multiple purposes. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at euro pillows, including what they are, what they’re used for, and some of the benefits they offer. Keep reading to learn more!

What size are euro pillows?

A euro pillow is a pillow that is typically square in shape. These pillows are usually 26 inches by 26 inches, although some may be slightly smaller or larger. They are often covered with a euro sham made from a decorative fabric.  On a bed, they are usually found behind the regular pillows, letting smaller pillows rest up against them.

Euro pillows are often used as decorative accents on beds or living room furniture, so they are usually more aesthetically pleasing than functional. However, they can also be used for sleeping, as well as for support while sitting up in bed.

What are Euro pillows typically filled with?

There are many different types of euro pillows available on the market. Some are stuffed with down feathers, while others are filled with synthetic materials like polyester fiberfill.

Some euro pillows even have memory foam filling, which can provide additional support and comfort. No matter what type of filling you choose, euro pillows can add both style and function to your bedroom.

Many people have expressed that they want a quality euro pillow that keeps its shape and doesn’t go flat.    

We found that these 26×26 euro pillows are a good quality, and they do not lose their shape easily.  They are highly rated on Amazon with thousands of excellent reviews.

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) 

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Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert

What Are the Benefits of Using Euro Pillows?

The first function of a euro pillow is design and style. They are often a focal point in a room, and they tie in other design elements of a space.

In addition to being stylish and comfortable, euro pillows can also offer a number of health benefits. For one thing, using a euro pillow can help you get the perfect seated ergonomics. 

When you sit up in bed with a euro pillow behind your back, it can help you maintain good posture and avoid the aches and pains associated with poor seated posture.

Additionally, using a euro pillow can also help prevent neck pain by supporting your head and neck in the proper alignment. Overall, using a euro pillow can help you feel more comfortable and supported while sitting up in bed.

How many euro pillow for a king bed?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as personal preference also has a say in figuring out how many euro pillows will be enough for a king-sized bed.  A minimalist would have a different opinion than someone who wants all out luxury with lots more euro pillows.

Generally speaking, an average king-size bed requires two or three euro pillows. If you have a queen-size bed, then one or two euro pillows would be sufficient. And if you have a twin-sized bed, then just one euro pillow would be enough.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re looking for a stylish way to add comfort and support to your bedroom or living room, then euro pillows are it. Euro pillows come in many different styles and varieties, so you’re sure to find the perfect ones!

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