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Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? TheWellthieone

Cats are carnivores, so their diet should consist primarily of meat. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the occasional treat of peanut butter.

Peanut butter is a good source of protein and healthy fats, both of which are important for cats. It’s also a good way to give them a little extra moisture, since most cat foods are quite dry.

Just be sure to choose a peanut butter that doesn’t contain any xylitol, as this can be toxic to cats. When feeding your cat peanut butter, start with a small amount to make sure they don’t have any adverse reactions. And always offer fresh water afterward to help them stay hydrated.

If you are going to indulge your cat and let him eat peanut butter with you, opt for an organic brand with no sugar, salts or additional oils of any kind. Choose a peanut butter with nothing but peanuts like this one. You will like it too!

365 by Whole Foods Market, Peanut Butter Unsweetened & No Salt Organic

Peanut Butter Unsweetened & No Salt Organic

We hope you and your kitty enjoy your peanut butter together!

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