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Tofu Cat Litter Might Be Your New Best Friend!  Your Questions Answered

Tofu Cat Litter Might Be Your New Best Friend!  Your Questions Answered TheWellthieone

Tofu cat litter is gaining in popularity as a safer and more environmentally friendly option to traditional clay or silica gel litters. 

What is tofu cat litter?

This type of litter is made from compressed tofu particles that are a by-product of the process to make the tofu we eat.  Normally this by-product is thrown away.  Instead, it is used by forming it into cat litter  pellets. 

The pellets are then dried and sometimes coated with a natural clay binder to help with scooping and clumping. Tofu cat litter is generally more absorbent than other types of litters, making it ideal for multiple cats or homes with larger cats. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of tofu cat litter.

How is tofu cat litter environmental and sustainable? 

Tofu kitty litter is not only biodegradable but it’s also renewable and sustainable. 

Traditional clay cat litters use sodium bentonite which is acquired through the strip-mining process.  This process degrades local environments and is harmful to wildlife, as it displaces them as it takes over their land.

Another kind of cat litter available is made of silica.  Silica is unnatural and creates an unhealthy dust when it is used and poured.  Both silica and traditional clay are not biodegradable, either.

Is tofu cat litter flushable?

Tofu cat litter is 100% biodegradable.  It can be composted, put in your green bin or even flushed down the toilet in small quantities.  When tofu cat litter is submerged in water, like in a toilet bowl, the litter easily disintegrates, breaking down for an easy flush.  The longer it is submerged in water, the softer and easier it becomes to flush.

Do some cats not like tofu cat litter?

Most cats are highly satisfied with tofu cat litter, especially since it does not have any heavy synthetic perfumes.
Most cats are highly satisfied with tofu cat litter, especially since it does not have any heavy synthetic perfumes.

When it comes to scents that might put off a cat, most manufacturers of tofu cat litter do not use any perfumes, and if their product does have a scent, they use natural plant extracts like green tea to scent it, and cats don’t seem to mind it one bit!

The tofu litter itself is something that cats don’t really notice or care about.  If they can move it around like their original litter, they are happy.

Effectiveness of Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is highly effective at controlling odor and absorbing urine and feces. The pellets are able to expand when they come into contact with liquid, which helps them absorb more than other types of litters.   There is also less mess due to less or no kitty litter sticking to paws and tracking it all over the house.

Tofu cat litter is also able to clump very well, making scooping easy and cleanup a breeze. 

How often to change tofu cat litter?

You should change your tofu litter every 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of cats using the litter box and how often it’s being used.

Does tofu cat litter last longer?

Yes. Not only is tofu cat litter easy to clean and odor absorbent, it is one of the longest lasting types of cat litter available.

How to use tofu cat litter?

  1. Fill a litter tray with 3-5 cm of tofu cat litter
  2. Remove clumps on a daily basis and dispose
  3. Add a little tofu cat litter each time you remove clumps to keep the level of litter right for your cat.
  4. Each month, empty your cat litter box entirely and refill with fresh litter

Is tofu cat litter safe?

Tofu cat litter is also a safer option for your cats since it doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals or fragrances. If your cat ingests any clay litter, it could potentially cause digestive issues. With tofu litter, you don’t have to worry about that since it’s made from all-natural ingredients. 

In fact, some companies even add essential oils to their tofu litters to help control odors naturally, which is healthy for both the cat and the family environment. 

What are the 3 best tofu cat litters to try?

Based on the best online reviews and comments on Amazon, we chose the 3 best tofu cat litters, and here they are!

1. Nourse CHOWSING Tofu Litter 6LB Tofu Cat Litter 

Nourse CHOWSING Tofu Litter 6LB Tofu Cat Litter
Benefits of Chow Sing tofu cat litter:
  • Made with by-products of tofu making, what used to go to waste is now a useful cat litter
  • Biodegradable 
  • Small amounts can be flushed in the toilet
  • Almost no dust or tracking
  • Ingredient list includes pea residue, soy flower, corn flour and guar gum
  • Not sticky
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2. I Am Tofu – Tofu Cat Litter, Natural Flushable Extra Clumping Pellet Litter

 I Am Tofu - Tofu Cat Litter, Natural Flushable Extra Clumping Pellet Litter
Benefits of I Am Tofu cat litter:
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Nothing synthetic
  • Flushable and clumping
  • 99% dust free
  • 6lbs can last up to a month
  • Not to be used with self-cleaning litter box
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2. YODUPES Tofu Cat Litter Clumping Cat Litter Flushable

YODUPES Tofu Cat Litter Clumping Cat Litter Flushable
What we like about Younes tofu cat litter:
  • Clumps well
  • 99.9% dust free
  • Smells fresh from natural green tea
  • Very low tracking, if any
  • Lightweight yet very absorbent, easily flushable
  • Great for 1 or multiple cats
  • Pack of 2
  • Highly rated on Amazon

To summarize, why do people like using tofu cat litter?

1, It’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has great odor control.

2.Most cat owners agree that tofu kitty litter is affordable when compared to their old litter.

3.Soy-based cat litter absorbs quickly and effectively. In just two hours, tofu can absorb up to three times its weight in moisture.

4.The tofu litter does not stick to the cat’s paws.

5.It smells good! Unlike other types of litters that rely on chemicals or perfumes to mask their unpleasant odor, tofu cat litter naturally emits a pleasant scent.  There are zero harmful chemicals in the litter box.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re looking for a safer, more environmentally friendly option for your kitty’s litter needs, look no further than tofu cat liter! 

Made from all-natural compressed tofu by-product particles, this type of liter is biodegradable and renewable. It doesn’t produce any harmful dust like clay litters can, making it a healthier option for both you and your pets. Tofu liter is also very effective at absorbing urine and feces while controlling odor. 

Best of all, it’s easy to scoop and clean up!

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