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All About Golden Beets: How Are They Different vs Red Beets?

All About Golden Beets How Are They Different vs Red Beets TheWellthieone

You may have seen golden beets in the grocery store and wondered what the fuss is all about. Aren’t they just red beets with a different color? As it turns out, golden beets are actually a different variety of beet altogether, and they offer some unique nutritional benefits. Read on to learn more about golden beets and how they differ from their red cousins.

What are golden beets?

Golden beets are a type of beet that was developed in the late 19th century. Golden beets are a type of beet that is typically characterized by its bright yellow color. Unlike red beets, which get their color from anthocyanins, golden beets get their hue from carotenoids, which is the same type of pigment that gives carrots their orange color. Golden beets are smaller and milder-tasting than red beets, with a slightly sweet flavor. They can be eaten raw, roasted, or pickled, and are often used in salads or as a garnish.

Growing conditions of golden beets

In terms of growing conditions, golden beets prefer full sun and moist, well-drained soil. They also need consistent moisture, especially during the germination process. Golden beets can be susceptible to a number of pests and diseases, but common problems include root rot, leaf spot, and aphids. With proper care,

However, golden beets can thrive in both garden beds and containers.

Golden beet seeds

Are you looking to try growing golden beets in your garden or inside in pots?  You will need good quality seeds to ensure your success, like these:

Beet Seeds for Planting Golden Detroit Heirloom Non-GMO Golden Beets Plant Seeds

Beet Seeds for Planting Golden Detroit Heirloom TheWellthieone
Beet Seeds for Planting Golden Detroit Heirloom

Don’t forget, vegetable seeds like these golden beet seeds make great gifts!  They are the gift that keeps giving long after it is received.

Nutritional Benefits of Golden Beets vs. Red Beets

While both golden and red beets offer many nutritional benefits, there are some key differences between the two. For one, golden beets are lower in calories than red beets. A cup of raw golden beets has only 58 calories, while a cup of raw red beets has 74 calories. Golden beets are also a good source of vitamins A and C, potassium, and magnesium, while red beets are higher in folate and antioxidants. 

Finally, golden beets don’t contain any dietary nitrates (compounds that can be converted to nitrites), while red beets do. Dietary nitrates are found in many plant-based foods, including leafy green vegetables and beetroot. They are converted into nitric oxide in the body, which has a range of health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and improving blood pressure.

To learn more about how absolutely fantastic beets are for your health in so many ways,

How to cook golden beets

Simply wash off the beets, trim off the leaves and stems (reserving them for another use), and chop into 1″ cubes. Steam the cubes for 10-12 minutes, or until tender. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs before serving. Enjoy!

Golden beets recipe :  Roasted beet salad with lemon tanini dressing

This salad is easy and is certain to raise eyebrows and get some major compliments because it is so delicious. Heather Chirsto shows you how to roast golden beets to make a roasted beet salad with lemon tahini dressing. Yum!

If you are looking for a shortcut for the lemon tahini dressing for the roasted beet salad, you can use pre-made tahini.  This one is high quality and has no unhealthy additives:

Soom Foods Single-Source Pure Ground Sesame Tahini Paste

Soom Foods Single-Source Pure Ground Sesame Tahini Paste TheWellthieone
Soom Foods Single-Source Pure Ground Sesame Paste

Why we love Soom tahini:

  • Just sesame seeds on the ingredient list
  • Silky smooth texture, great for dressings and hummus
  • Vegan
  • Nut free
  • Gluten free
  • Highly rated on Amazon

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a healthy way to add some color to your plate or you’re just curious about this trendy root vegetable, golden beets are a great option. Not only are they lower in calories than red beets, but they’re also packed with vitamins and minerals that can boost your health in numerous ways. So go ahead and give them a try—your body (and taste buds) will thank you! We wish you well on your continuing journey to optimum health!

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