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7 Tips and Secrets to Becoming An Accomplished Asian Chef

7 Tips and Secrets to Becoming An Accomplished Asian Chef TheWellthieone

Cooking is an art, and like any art, it takes time, practice, and patience to perfect. Anyone can be a chef, but it takes a special person to be an amazing Asian chef. It’s not just about following a recipe; it’s about understanding the ingredients, the culture, and the history behind the dish. It’s about using your senses to create a meal that is not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing. If you want to be an amazing Asian chef, here are a few tips to get you started.

This article will go into some detail about some things that you need to do and start forming kitchen habits around if you want to grow as an accomplished Asian chef:

  1. 1. Study Asian cuisine. If you want to be an amazing Asian chef, you need to have a deep understanding of the cuisine. That means more than just being able to follow a recipe; it means understanding the ingredients, the culture, and the history behind the dish. There are many resources available to help you learn more about Asian cuisine. Books, magazines, cooking shows, and even online cooking courses can all be excellent sources of information. The more you know about Asian cuisine, the better equipped you will be to create delicious dishes.
  2. Use fresh ingredients. One of the hallmarks of great Asian cuisine is the use of fresh ingredients. When possible, visit your local farmers market or Asian grocery store to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and fish. Not only will this ensure that your dishes are as flavorful as possible, but it will also support local businesses. 
  3. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an amazing Asian chef. In order to perfect your skills, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort required to master them. Don’t get discouraged if your first few attempts at making an authentic dish don’t turn out exactly as you had hoped; with practice, you’ll eventually get it right. 

Incorporate miso into your meals

  • 4. Incorporate miso into your salad dressings and cooking.  Miso is fermented soybean paste.  Miso means “fermented beans” in Japanese. It is often used as a seasoning instead of salt, it has a layered, umami flavor and can be used for savory and sweeter dishes.

Miso is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many Asian dishes. It lendsa savory and umami flavor to recipes, making them addictive and satisfying. Some of the best ways to incorporate miso into your cooking include:

  1. Use it as an ingredient in soups or stews – Miso soup is popular all over the world, but there are plenty of variations available that you can make at home. Just add miso paste to water or broth, simmer for a few minutes until heated through, and enjoy!
  2. Add it to vegetable stir-fries – Miso boosts the nutrient content of vegetables while providing a delicious flavor profile. Simply mix together some miso with soy sauce or other seasonings before adding the veggies to skillet for sautéing or boiling.
  3. Use it as a condiment on rice bowls – A quick way to spruce up any kind of rice bowl is by topping it off with some gooey misosauce (or dashi). This makes meals fun and easy without having tons of extra work involved.
  4. Mix it into mayonnaise for dipping veggie sticks – Another great way to use miso is simmered down until smooth then mixed in with store-bought vegan mayonnaise for dip purposes (or just eat straight out of jar!)

The deeper the color of miso, the stronger the flavor.  Deeper colors of miso show that it has been fermented longer.  Red miso is one of the longest fermented misos available, and its flavor is delicious.

You can find authentic red miso here, straight from Japan:

1. Maruman Organic Red Miso 26.4 Oz

Maruman Organic Red Miso TheWellthieone
Maruman Organic Red Miso

5. Creativity is Key

Be creative. Some of the best Asian chefs are known for their creativity in the kitchen. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or just want to try something new, experiment with different flavor combinations or cooking methods. You might surprise yourself with how delicious your results end up being!

6. Making your own infused aromatic oils makes you look like a pro!

Making your own authentic infused flavor oils

Did you know that the sky is the limit to infusing your own flavors and spices into an oil to make it an aromatic masterpiece for whatever dish you are creating?  

Try making your own.  One basic signature Chinese infused from an Asian chef from Taste Show uses red pepper flakes and sesame seeds as the basis of its infused flavors.  

First, heat your cooking oil to no hotter than 250 degrees. Turn the heat source off once the oil reaches 250 degrees.  Then add a generous amount of red pepper flakes and sesame seeds.  Let it simmer for a short amount of time.  

Get full instructions from the link below to watch the demonstration video from Taste Show to make authentic homemade Chinese infused oils:

  1. Chili and sesame seed oil
  2. Scallion oil, which is great for noodle dishes
  3. Mixed onion and vegetable infused oil.  This one requires that it sit for a few days, and it creates a more layered flavor.  The vegetables offset the spiciness of the onions.
  4. Sichuan peppercorn infused oil:  Make this infused oil to cook with fish, it reduces fishy taste.

You can find Sichuan peppercorns for the peppercorn infused oil shown in the video for your own kitchen here:

Soeos Authentic Szechuan Grade A Red Sichuan Peppercorns

Soeos Authentic Szechuan Grade A Red Sichuan Peppercorns TheWellthieone
Soeos Authentic Szechuan Grade A Red Sichuan Peppercorns

To infuse oil with sesame seeds, we recommend raw organic, like these:

Anthony’s Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds, 2 lb, White, Raw, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Keto Friendly

Anthony's Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds TheWellthieone
Anthony’s Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds

7. Have fun! Cooking should be enjoyable, so make sure to have fun while doing it! Trying new recipes, experimenting with different ingredients, and spending time with friends and family are all important parts of being an amazing Asian chef—so make sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Concluding Thoughts

Anyone can cook Asia cuisine by following a recipe but it takes someone special understands the ingredients, culture, and history behind each dish.  The best part is practicing, especially for those who will help you eat!  Let your confidence build as you try one recipe after another while you and your loved ones give you honest feedback that will help you further tweak your skills and knowledge.

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