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Why Are My Cats Ears Hot? 3 Reasons and What to Do About It.

Why Are My Cats Ears Hot? 3 Reasons and What to Do About It.

We love our cats. They are our family members and they are our friends. Cats depend on us to feed them, clean up after them, cuddle them when demanded, and even more so if they are feeling unwell. If you are petting your kitty and her ears are hot, hotter than usual, then of course you are going to take notice. But what does this mean? Why are my cat’s ears hot?

There are a few reasons why your cat’s ears might be hot. 

  1. They may have been sitting in a sunny spot for too long.
  1. Your cat’s ears are hot because they may have a virus or other infection, and their ears are one of the first parts to become affected. The heat may also be coming from their tail or abdomen, which can be warm to the touch because of all the blood vessels there.  

Don’t be too concerned right away. A fever is the body’s way of clearing up infection, it is important to let the body do it’s job.  

  1. Some breeds of cats seem to be especially prone to having high body temperatures- this might include Persians, Siamese Cats, Scottish Fold Cats, and others.  

What you can do if your cat’s ears are hot:

  1. Not much.  Watch for different behaviors that would lead you to believe your cat is suffering or sick. Usually, the cat’s immune system is quite capable of looking after itself, and the cat hardly notices and it doesn’t behave much differently at all while its body is busy clearing away unwanted guests through a higher temperature.
  1. Watch your cat and see if his regular schedule of daily activities is different. If your cat is acting the same, monitor his ears for a couple of days and see if it is something that his immune system can take care of.
  1. If you feel that your cat is a little bit listless, you may want to take him to the vet. Be mindful that your vet will almost certainly give you an antibiotics prescription for your cat. 

Be certain that the cat needs them. Antibiotics kill all of the good and bad bacteria in the gut and the gut is never quite the same as before after each round of antibiotics.  You cat’s immune system needs the gut to be properly balanced with good and bad bacteria to work best.  It can do more harm than good if they are given for “precautionary” reasons.

Cats have incredible immune systems, they are rarely sick. Be sure that your cat cannot beat his illness on his own before giving antibiotics.

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