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The Best Derma Roller for Beard Growth – Top 3

The Best Derma Roller for Beard Growth - Top 3 TheWellthieone

Do beard growth rates leave you feeling frustrated and unsatisfied? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve got a chemical-free way to help speed up the growth time for a full, healthy-looking beard.  As beard growth becomes more popular, there’s a corresponding increase in demand for derma rollers. This small handheld device is used to stimulate hair growth and improve circulation and distribution of nutrients to the beard follicles. Derma roller usage is becoming increasingly common among bearded men who want even healthier beards.

In this article, we will look at how a derma roller helps to grow a healthy beard in less time and how to use it. We will also recommend three of the best derma rollers available on the market today. Whether you’re looking to add thickness, volume, and definition to your beard or just want to keep it healthy and free from beard growth problems, read on!

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a small hand-held device that has dozens of tiny titanium needles on its surface. The derma roller needle length can be chosen, usually between .25 and .75 mm in length, to provide good efficacy. When you roll the device over your skin, the needles create hundreds of tiny punctures. This helps to stimulate circulation and promote collagen production, which can in turn help to thicken and lengthen your beard. Collagen is the main protein found in beard hair, skin, nails, and other connective tissues.

A derma roller is an easy device to use—just apply a small amount of pressure and roll the skin around the hair follicles. If you have ever used a beard growth kit, this is one of the staples you will find in it, along with beard oils, skincare products, and perhaps vitamins for hair growth. Out of all of these items, the beard derma roller is the most essential part of the kit.

How does a derma roller work?

A derma roller is a device that uses rotating tiny needles to help stimulate the skin. The needles are placed on the skin and then rolled on its surface, which helps to stimulate circulation by signaling to the brain to attend to the small wounds. New collagen production increases as the body attends to the tiny punctures and improves its appearance.

There may be redness after rolling the needles over the skin, especially the first time, but that is what is supposed to happen. If you have acne scars or dead skin cells, they will be attended to with the increased circulation that the micro-injuries cause, as your system wants to repair the “damage” as it is the body’s natural healing process. Healthy skin will replace the skin that was needled in due time.

Using a derma roller for beard growth is a great way to encourage beard hair growth. Beard growth oil can be applied after the process to soothe the skin and keep the beard well conditioned.

What are the benefits of using a derma roller for beard growth?

An increased production of collagen leads to thicker beard growth. Derma Roller use has been shown to improve blood circulation within the scalp and follicles, which stimulates new hair growth at the root level. You can choose to use this on your scalp too, as your hair can experience the same benefits.

Not only does it stimulate beard growth, but it can also improve the look of your facial hair and reduce inflammation and scarring.

Additionally, it helps increase blood flow and circulation to beard follicles, which results in thicker, fuller beard growth.

Some people use a derma roller to treat wrinkles, age spots, acne, and other skin problems. Using a beard roller to even out beard growth or make it grow faster and fuller is another great use. 

Using this process may cause a little bit of irritation, but for many, it is a better option than using chemicals like minoxidil found in products like Rogaine, as there are potential negative side effects with the active ingredients found in these.

Using a beard balm after micro-needling will help soothe the skin afterwards. If you would like to reduce the appearance of scars, run the roller over them too and watch them fade.

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How to use a derma roller for beard growth?

Here’s how to do it:

Wash your face and beard with mild soap and warm water, which will clean and open up the pores. Dry your face.

Sanitize the derma roller with rubbing alcohol, then roll it over your beard area in different directions. After you place the roller on your face, start by applying gentle pressure in an upward motion for 2–5 minutes. 

Be patient; results will vary from person to person. Use enough pressure to feel the tiny micro-punctures doing their job, but not too hard to cause pain. This will especially help fill in areas of a patchy beard.

Apply a quality beard oil or serum immediately after rolling. This will help to soothe the skin and promote healthy hair growth.

Do this once or twice a week for best results. You should see an improvement in your beard growth within a few weeks! If you have any scars on the parts of your face you are micro-needling, you may notice them fade. This is a bonus! Also, stretch marks can naturally fade with this process. Just run the roller head over any of these areas and let the body’s natural healing process fade them.

Beard growth is possible with the use of a derma roller, but it takes time and effort. 

Follow the instructions that come with your derma roller, and know that your patience will be rewarded.  It can take weeks or even months to see results if done correctly. You will need to continue shaving as you sculpt your new beard, so do this on off days that you do not use the derma roller.

There are different lengths of needles too, so you are bound to find one that you like.

And last but not least, have fun with your beard growth! It’s a great way to express your personality and feel more confident.

Here is a video showing the process of derma rolling the beard and all of the steps involved from To Beard and Beyond:

We found the 3 best derma rollers for beard growth

We did the research so you don’t have to.

With so many derma roller options available on the market, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 derma rollers for beard growth based on their features and value.

So, whether you’re new to derma rolling or you’re looking for an upgrade, we have the right one for you.

1. Beard Derma Roller for Beard Growth & Care

Beard Derma Roller for Beard Growth & Care TheWellthieone
Beard Derma Roller for Beard Growth & Care

Why we love Yoobeaul beard derma roller:

  • Easy and effortless
  • 540 grade .25 mm titanium needles, highly effective
  • Gentle 
  • Roller refill
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2. Beard Growth Kit – Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Beard Growth Kit - Derma Roller for Beard Growth TheWellthieone
Beard Growth Kit – Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Why we love this Beard Growth kit:

  • Great value
  • Everything you need to grow a healthy, thick and even beard
  • .25 mm titanium beard roller
  • Beard oil solves patchy beard issues, up to 52% increased density in 150 days
  • Quality ingredients
  • Highly rated on Amazon

3. Beard Kit Derma Roller for Beard Hair Skin Face

Beard Kit Derma Roller for Beard Hair Skin Face TheWellthieone
Beard Kit Derma Roller for Beard Hair Skin Face

What we love about Roselyn Boutique Beard Roller:

  • Roll beard, face, scalp
  • Easy and painless
  • Titanium needles
  • Great gift
  • Highly rated on Amazon

Does derma roll work on beards?

There is evidence that derma rollers work for beard growth. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it does seem to help people grow their beards faster and thicker than if they had not used a derma roller. Derma rolling has also been found to increase the number of hair follicles in the anagen phase and also increase the thickness of each individual hair shaft.

How often should I derma roll my beard?

The ideal amount to derma roll your beard at most is 3-4 times a week, every other day to let the skin recover on your off days. It takes about 4-6 weeks to see results, though they vary.

How hard can you press a derma roller?

Apply the amount of pressure that can be comfortably tolerated. There is no need to put yourself through pain.

What to do after using a derma roller?

There are good oils and aftercare products to apply after a dermarolling session. Be sure that the ingredients are all natural and avoid those with Vitamin C or retinol, because your skin will be more sensitive after a rolling session.


By using a derma roller, you can achieve better beard growth and improve the appearance of your beard in a short amount of time without using harsh chemicals with side effects. We wish you well on your journey to a healthier, fuller beard.

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