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Floss For Braces – We Found An Easier Way to Floss Your Way to a Healthy Smile

Floss For Braces - We Found An Easier Way to Floss Your Way to a Healthy Smile TheWellthieone

A beautiful smile is something that we all aspire to have. And, while our teeth are one of the first things people notice about us, taking care of them is not always at the top of our priority list. However, good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing tooth decay and gum disease. 

One way to ensure that your teeth are getting the clean they need is by flossing especially if you have braces! While it may seem difficult to reach all those nooks and crannies with metal wires in the way, there are a few simple tips and tricks that can make flossing with braces a breeze. Read on to find out everything you need to know about flossing with braces.

Types of Dental Floss for Braces

There are two main types of dental floss – waxed and unwaxed. While both types will get the job done, waxed floss is often the best choice for people with braces because it slides more easily between teeth and around wires. If you do choose to use unwaxed floss, be sure to be extra careful not to snap the floss on your brackets or wires. 

The Technique for Floss Threaders

Now that you know what type of floss to use, it’s time to learn how to effectively floss your teeth when you have braces. The first step is to thread the floss under the wire of your bottom brace, then pull it up toward the top of your tooth.

Floss Threaders | for Braces, Bridges, and Implants

Floss Threaders for Braces, Bridges, and Implants TheWellthieoen
Floss Threaders for Braces, Bridges, and Implants

Next, use a back-and-forth motion to move the floss along your tooth until you reach the gumline. Once you reach the gumline, curve the floss around each tooth in a C-shape and move it up and down along the side of each tooth. 

Finally, use a gentle rubbing motion to clean underneath your gums. Repeat this process for all your teeth – don’t forget those molars in the back! 

Even easier with floss devices like these, made for braces

There are also very handy devices that help make the process easier, which we highly recommend because they make the process easier and as a result, improve flossing habits and frequency of flossing. The kind of product we are referring to are these:

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces | Ortho Picks for Adults & Kids

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces TheWellthieone
Platypus Orthodontic Flossers for Braces

Why we love these flossers for those with braces:

  • Designed specifically for those with braces
  • Quick and easy, no more threading
  • Orthodontist recommended
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe and non-damaging to the braces
  • Improves overall flossing habits, because the process is simplified
  • Highly rated on Amazon

Concluding Thoughts 

Flossing with braces might take a little bit longer than usual but it’s definitely worth the effort. Sometimes all it takes if finding the best tool for you, which is true for many tasks.  

Find the right tool and you will be likely to do the task more because it isn’t such a big effort.  By taking care of your teeth now, you’ll be rewarded with a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!

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