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Infrared Heating Pad Pros & Cons – Your Questions Answered

Infrared Heating Pad Pros & Cons - Your Questions Answered TheWellthieone

The days are getting colder and it’s time to start thinking about cozy winter nights. What if I told you that science has its own answer to the dropping temperatures in the form of an infrared heating pad? 

If you’re looking for ways to keep warm this season, then you may want to consider how an infrared heating pad can help you not only stay comfortable in your home but also get some therapeutic benefits too.

We’ll discuss what they are, how they work, and their pros and cons so that you can decide if an infrared heating pad is right for you. So grab a mug of hot cocoa, snuggle up with a blanket, and lets dive into this great resource!

What is an infrared heating pad?

An infrared heating pad is a device that is capable of providing soothing and therapeutic relief from muscular or joint pains. It harnesses the power of ultra-low-wavelength infrared light and produces a gentle, penetrating heat that can reach deeply into the body to relieve it of muscle aches, stiffness, pain, and tension. 

The infrared heat emitted from an infrared heating pad is the same heat as infrared saunas use.  It is deep penetrating, soothing heat.
The infrared heat emitted from an infrared heating pad is the same heat as infrared saunas use. It is deep penetrating, soothing heat.

In addition, it also helps to improve circulation and stimulates healing. Infrared heating pads are non-invasive, easy to use, safe for direct contact with skin, and have low energy consumption, thus making them one of the most preferred treatments for those suffering from muscle or joint pain.

Do infrared heating pads get hot?

Infrared heating pads are an incredibly safe and effective form of heat therapy for sore muscles and joints. These devices use electromagnetic radiation rather than resistance heating to provide your body with gentle, direct heat that penetrates tissues in order to improve the circulation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Based on how you adjust the settings, infrared heating pads can reach temperatures ranging from warm to hot; while they do not emit a powerful, intense heat like a traditional heating pad, they have been known to effectively relieve pain.

If you’re looking for a gentler option to reduce stiffness, ease soreness, and improve blood circulation, infrared technology is definitely worth checking out.

How to use an infrared heating pad

An infrared heating pad is a great way to reduce pain, tension, and stiffness in your muscles. To use an infrared heating pad, simply lay down on the flat surface of the pad and set it to your desired temperature.

You can also use cloth or other materials to protect the pad from direct heat contact. Leave it on for 10–15 minutes at a time for best results, and you will experience quick relief from muscle pain and tension.

It’s important to note that although the temperature might feel hotter than most conventional heating pads, infrared heat is well-tolerated by most people and has many proven benefits for relieving muscle pain.

How does an infrared heating pad work?

An infrared heating pad is a great tool for treating any number of physical ailments. It works by emitting far-infrared rays, which are invisible heat waves that can penetrate deeply into the body and relieve muscle tension and pain.

While the heat from traditional heating pads is conducted through convection, infrared heating pads are charged with electromagnetic energy, allowing them to emit these rays into soft tissues, stimulating circulation to reduce inflammation and speed up healing time. Ultimately, this form of heat therapy provides a more targeted form of relief since it heats the injured area directly instead of relying on external heat sources.

Infrared heat is deep penetrating and healing to inflammation and pain. This is an example of the construction of a heating pad that more information is available about as you scroll down.  This is heating pad design #2.
Infrared heat is deep penetrating and healing to inflammation and pain. This is an example of the construction of a heating pad that more information is available about as you scroll down. This is heating pad design #2.

Do infrared heating pads work?

Infrared heating pads are often touted for their ability to help reduce pain and inflammation, and yes, they work well.

Infrared heat is a type of heat energy that penetrates deeper into the body than traditional heating pads, which increases circulation and helps reduce pain. The infrared heat is believed to help with temporary relief from joint pain and muscle soreness, as well as improving range of motion and supporting overall healing.

While infrared heating pads do have potential benefits, it’s important to note that they are still not a substitute for medical attention or care. So if you’re in pain and looking for relief, be sure to consult your health care professional first.

What are two high-quality, highly rated infrared heating pad designs available on Amazon?

1. HealthyLine Far Infrared Light Electric Heating Pad for Pain Relief

HealthyLine Far Infrared Light Electric Heating Pad for Pain Relief
Good things to know about this healing infrared heating pad:
  • Made with genuine jade and tourmaline stones in a high quality fabric
  • Experience temporary relief from your aches and pains in as little as 30 mins. Continuous use brings better overall feelings on a day to day basis. 
  • Subdue persistent symptoms of chronic conditions with long term use
  • Far infrared therapy is a form of absorbable non-visible light that penetrates the human body up to 6 inches deep into the muscles, tissues, joints. 
  • This Infrared heating pad intended to temporarily decrease pain and inflammation
  • Heals as it soothes
  • Combine hot stone therapy with infrared therapeutic heat
  • Uses the placement of heated stones on the body to help relax tight muscles and increase local blood circulation where applied.
  • This is a form of therapy commonly found in spa settings
  • Negative ion therapy – beneficial for improving your lung function for more efficient breathing
  • reduces insomnia symptoms through the production of serotonin
  • Reduces brain fog with supplemental oxygen flow 
  • 30 day free trial, 1-year free warranty, lifetime trade-in and upgrade policy 
  • Over 500,000 satisfied customers to date
  • Deeply soothing relief and comfort 
  • Intended to improve blood circulation and oxygen levels, provides temporary relief from joint pain, muscle stiffness, upper or lower back pain, pinches, soreness, spasms. 
  • Use on your neck, shoulders, back, knees, and legs
  • 1 year warranty
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2.Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief and Cramps

Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief and Cramps

Good things to know about this healing infrared heating pad:

  • Flannel, soft material
  • 🔥=Built-In PTC/NTC Overheating Protection & Multiple Safety Certifications 
  • The Eoyekli back heating pad has been upgraded from a single-layer heating wire to a PTC/NTC infrared heating wire. 
  • It adopts medically used fire-resistant non-woven fabric for isolation and high-quality double-sided skin-friendly fabrics. 
  • It has multiple safety certifications, making it safer and more reliable. And let you try it free for a whole year, no more worries.
  • Meets Medically Recommended Temperatures
  • LED Controller With Memory Function
  • Optimal temperature of hot compress is 122-140°F. 
  • This infrared heating pads offer 6 heating options: from 104°F to 149°F (5-20° warmer than other heating pads on the market). 
  • After thousands of tests to ensure a stable hot compress temperature, it is specially used for hospital rehabilitation.
  • Fast heating in the 30s, reaching the industry-leading level. 
  • Relax at your favorite location with the 9-foot power cord. 
  • 9 timers (10-90 minutes free choice), and automatically shuts off after 1.5 hours, do not worry about falling asleep.
  • Dimensions -12×24″ Super Size & Double-Sided Super Skin-Friendly Plush Material 
  • Makes a great gift
  •  Double sides of the heating pad are made of super skin-friendly material
  • Machine washable. 
  • This shoulder and back heating pad helps to open pores and relax major muscle pains in neck, back, shoulders, abdomen or legs, high quality 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly rated on Amazon

What are the infrared heating pad pros and cons?

Infrared heating pads are a popular form of heat therapy and often used to treat chronic pain and tension. 

The infrared rays penetrate into the muscles, providing targeted heat with minimal surface warmth. While using an infrared heating pad may offer therapeutic benefits, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before making a purchase. 

For those with mobile lifestyles, their light weight, portability and low electrical consumption can be beneficial. 

On the downside, although they generally cost more than traditional electric heated pads, their effectiveness decreases over time as the heating elements wear out or if they’re not maintained properly. 

Individuals should consult their healthcare provider about its use for any medical conditions since overuse or misuse of an infrared heating pad can lead to skin burns or injury.

We hope you found the information contained in this article to be helpful!

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