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How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Litter Box, It’s Easy!

How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Litter Box, It’s Easy! TheWellthieone

Many dog owners struggle with their furry friend going in the litter box, either to relieve himself or simply to sniff around in it. There are easy ways to discourage this behavior.

If you notice your dog is sniffing around or likes to get right in the litter box, this is natural dog behavior. Dogs cannot resist smells; they search them out in order to understand their environment better.

In this case, your dog wants to get to know your cat better, and he is relishing the opportunity to do so. If you leave the cat’s litterbox where your dog can freely access it, this is irresistible to many dogs, and scolding them for such an instinctive behavior will not make sense to them, and it will make you have to scold your dog much more than you would like. That silly dog just cannot resist a good smell!

There are steps you can take to curb your dog’s behavior by taking his attention off the litterbox:

Step 1

Yes, this seems obvious, but necessary to mention when your dog is still in training mode for keeping out of the litter box.  At the beginning, the dog may need a physical barrier because expecting him to listen to discipline or similar will not work if the litter box is accessible.  Make sure that the litter box is not easily accessible to your dog. If possible, put it in a room that your dog does not have access to or put up a baby gate or  .

Step 2

Make sure that the litter box is clean. If it is full or dirty, your dog will be more likely to go in it to take in all of the lovely scents.

Step 3

If your dog is relieving himself in the litter box, rather than just sniffing at it, provide your dog with an alternative bathroom spot. Take Rover outside frequently and praise him when he goes potty where you want him to.

You can also try crate training if you are home during the day. This will help teach your dog that there is a specific time and place for them to relieve themselves.

Step 4

Be consistent with these steps. Do not let your dog have access to the litter box, and be sure to take them out often. With time and patience, your dog will learn where he is supposed to go potty and where he is not allowed to go sniffing.

A little more help

If you are looking for a little bit more help as you help train your dog, there are some good products on the market, depending on your needs and the size of your dog. 

There is a well-reviewed product called “Door Buddy” that does not let your door open more than the amount needed for your cat to pass through.

Door Buddy Door Latch Plus Door Stopper

Keep Dog Out of Litter Box and Prevent Door from Closing Gate and Cat Door Alternative 

Door Buddy Door Latch Plus Door Stopper
Why we love Door Buddy to keep dog out of litter:
  • Door Buddy is an adjustable door stop that allows the cat to pass in a smaller space than the dog requires
  • Adjustable strap to fit the amount of space needed
  • Simple, convenient
  • More affordable than pet doors
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  • Installs in seconds
  • Simple lock and unlock latch
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  • Let your dog and cat be at peace with the litter!
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Door Buddy shows you how to use it , and keep your dog out of the litterbox:

Concluding Thoughts

Following these three steps will help discourage your dog from going in the litter box, either to relieve himself, or to simply sniff at it.  It is important to be consistent and patient while training your dog so that they can learn where they are supposed to relieve themselves.  Training takes time, though if you are patient and consistent, the time you took now will pay off many times over.

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