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History of the Humble Honey Stick and the Best Honey Dipper For Your Sweet Spot

History of the Humble Honey Stick and the Best Honey Dipper For Your Sweet Spot

A honey dipper is something that we’ve all seen before, but do you know its history or how to use it? Let’s examine the physics behind this straightforward but incredibly useful kitchen tool to see why it is more than just a sophisticated applicator.

Traditionally made out of olive wood, the purpose for the creation of honey dippers was very clear. They are thought to have been created in Ancient China, probably to prevent honey from causing a mess when you try to add it to your tea and other items that you want sweetened.

How does a honey stick work?

Unlike a spoon, the honey will miraculously stay between the cracks of the honey dipper instead of leaving a sticky trail.

Whether you call it a honey wand, a dipper, or a stick, the function of it remains the same. Scoop out the honey easily from the jar, and hold the honey stick at a slight angle. Twirl it to catch any honey that is about to drip from it, and all of the potential drips will stay within the honey stick.

Honey Stick The Wellthione

The honey not drip until you have it over the cup or dish you want to add it to.  The honey dipper gives you much 

has more control over the honey’s distribution than any other utensil. It’s such a brilliant idea that the honey dipper’s design has not changed in hundreds of years. Nothing works better.

Can you leave a honey dipper in honey?

This is a simple question, though an important one. Honey is antibacterial, and it does not go bad. So yes, the honey stick was designed to be left in the honey pot, so you can go ahead and do just that.

We found the best honey sticks for you

We went looking for the best, authentic honey dipper, so you don’t have to. We found two beautiful ones. One is made of traditional olive wood like the ancient Chinese used, and we also found a good one made from stainless steel.

1. Eddingtons Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper

Eddingtons Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper The Wellthione
Eddingtons Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper

What we love about Eddington’s Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper:

  • Made of the original olivewood, like in ancient times
  • Old World charm
  • Will not scratch surfaces
  • Made in Italy
  • Easy care, coat occasionally with oil to keep the wood looking beautiful

2. Songziming Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick Server 304 Stainless Steel Wand

Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick Server Honey Spoon The Wellthione
Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick Server Honey Spoon

What we love about Songziming Stainless Steel Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick Server

  • Easy daily use size of 6.3”
  • Multifunctional tool for honey, syrups
  • Use as a stir for hot and cold beverages
  • Weighs 100g
  • Stainless steel design
  • Dishwasher safe

The humble honey stick is a useful tool that people admit they didn’t know they were missing.  Once a honey dipper is put to use, it is difficult to go back to using a plain old spoon.  The experience just isn’t the same.  All honey lovers rejoice once they get the real thing, scooping out their beloved sweet stuff!

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