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Do Calming Chews Work For Dogs? 3 Great Methods For Calming Your Dog Along With 2 of the Best Anxiety Treats for Dogs

Do Calming Chews Work For Dogs? 3 Great Methods For Calming Your Dog Along With 2 of the Best Anxiety Treats for Dogs

Most everyone loves dogs. If you want to bring a smile to a dog owner, just ask about their dog.  They will most likely tell you a happy or heartfelt story about their beloved family member.  A dogs’ infectious energy and childlike innocence have a way of melting away our worries and brightening up our days.

This effect is so powerful that people with serious conditions like anxiety and depression are often advised to keep emotional support dogs. Some educational institutions even have support dogs at the ready to alleviate some of the stress students suffer during examinations.  By far, having a best friend with a dog is one of life’s enriching experiences, and for that, we want to look after them the best we can.

Looking Out For Your Dog’s Emotional Health
Looking Out For Your Dog’s Emotional Health

Looking Out For Your Dog’s Emotional Health

Despite all the ways in which our dogs can help us manage our emotions, we often struggle in helping them with theirs.

Just like us, dogs can get anxious and depressed or loud and overexcited. Even experienced owners will struggle from time to time to calm down or cheer up their dogs. This can be very frustrating, because as amazing as they are, dogs can often be quite the handful when their emotions aren’t kept in check.

Luckily, this is a problem with a multitude of researched solutions. Whether your pet is stressed out or a bit too hyper, there’s a method of calming them down that will work consistently. In this article we’re going to look at 3 useful methods that should work wonders in keeping your fluffy friend happy and calm.

3 Methods of Calming Your Dog

1. Taking Walks

Taking frequent walks with your dog can do wonders for its temperament. Dogs have a lot of energy and can be very hyper-active if they don’t exercise. Calming your dog can be as simple as taking it out for frequent walks so as to allow it to release all that pent up energy. This can also help you, the owner, get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

2. Music

Many will be surprised to learn that animals react in a sensitive nature to music.  They can understand the undertones in music much better than their human counterparts in some instances. Some dogs have a strong reaction to certain kinds of music and this can often have a calming effect

3 Methods of Calming Your Dog
3 Methods of Calming Your Dog

It might be worthwhile for you to find what sounds have a calming effect on your dog.   Researchers are well ahead of us on this, because they have found that music really helps uplift their furry friends when they are lonely, afraid or bored. There are an endless number of playlists and mixes for calming dogs, one of them is sure to work.

There are speaker type products that come preloaded with perfectly tuned calming music for dogs that is made for their best sound frequency.  The speakers are convenient because they are portable and unlike finding a track on your phone and having to take your phone with you when you go, you can leave the speaker playing softly close to your dog’s ear in his safe area of your home when you have to leave.  Here is one example of such a product from iCalmDog. 

iCalmDog 5.0b Bluetooth Speaker
iCalmDog 5.0b Bluetooth Speaker

Do Calming Chews Work For Dogs?

3. Supplements

The third effective way to help control your dog’s temperament is via supplements. Certain ingredients when ingested contain chemicals that have a calming effect on dogs. These include camomile, hemp and passionflower. Other substances such as valerian sedatives and the scent of lavender have a similar effect. Experiment with different substances to see what works best with your pet.  

What Does Hemp Do For Dogs?

Most people agree that hemp has a medicinal and calming affect on their dog, and it is a safe and effective supplement to give to your dog not only for emotional support, but also for reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system.  Hemp aids the digestive process.  It has also been known to treat nausea symptoms, so this is a good option for dogs getting used to riding in the car if they tend to get sick.  The oils available in hemp also help improve the appearance of the skin and coat.

Does Hemp Make Dogs Tired?

While hemp products do not contain THC, which is the chemical that can make someone feel “high”, hemp gives the ability to relax, and depending on if the dose is too high, the dog could feel tired.  Reduce the dose if your dog shows signs of lethargy rather than a simple calm. 

Do Vets Recommend Hemp Oil For Dogs?

A growing number of vets are recommending hemp products for dogs, despite the fact that research for using it in dogs and pets is still rather new.  Human hemp studies show all sorts of benefits from helping with aggression, pain, muscle spasms and different types of neurological issues.  Ask your vet’s office what their opinion is on hemp products for your dog and see if they are as enthusiastic as others about it and ask them why.  We’d love to hear yours and their comments.

How Does Hemp Make Dogs Feel?

Hemp is known for its soothing and calming effects with dogs.  It also has the ability to significantly reduce chronic pain, especially for alleviating arthritis pain, which will help your dog sleep better and remain active longer.

Want to try a proven hemp product for your dog and don’t know where to start?  Try these.

2 of the Best Calming Treats for Dogs, Dog Approved With Thousands of Positive Reviews

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Supplement
NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Supplement

NaturaVet’s Calming Aid chews are anxiety treats for your dog. These tablets are advertised as stress and tension reducers and will assist in calming your dog down during tense situations such as storms and fireworks. These chews  contain melatonin, thiamine, L-tryptophan, passion flower and chamomile which enhance their relaxing attributes. The supplements contain vitamins and other helpful nutrients, thus making them useful in terms of nutritional value as well.

These supplements seem to be very popular among dog owners and have earned themselves an impressive 4 star rating. Those who commented praised them for their effectiveness in calming their pets down. Some had aggressive or moody pets that became far more passive after taking the treats. 

Others who purchased Quiet Moments and left a review had pets who suffered from separation anxiety, stress or general sadness and the treats seemed to lighten their moods and calm their nerves. Whatever the case, it seemed that NaturaVet’s Calming Aid chews were incredibly effective in changing their dogs behavior and mood for the better.

PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs - Made in USA
PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs – Made in USA

This is another highly rated calming supplement for your deserving furry friend. These hemp calming chews are designed to reduce instances of stress, anxiety and restlessness in your dog and promote relaxation. These delicious flavored chew treats contain hemp, chamomile and valerian root which are amazing ingredients for calming your dog. The product is made from organic ingredients and duck flavored making the product is not only healthy for your dog, but also incredibly tasty for them.

These treats seem to deliver on every promise made and more. Those who purchased these treats seem to love the effect they have on their pets. Many saw great improvements in the demeanor and mood of their dogs. 

Some customers were trying to train their dogs and used the treats to improve focus. Others had pets that struggled with stress and anxiety at the vet that became a lot calmer after eating PremiumCare’s Calming chews. It is no surprise that these treats have earned themselves an impressive 4 star rating.

Hemp Helps

Whatever the anxiety or stress your pet may be affected by, thunderstorms, fireworks, loneliness or separation anxiety, hemp products can help.  In addition, hemp products help with pain after surgery, pain due to elderly joint and muscle pain and sleep troubles.  It makes a lot of sense to keep a hemp chew product on hand for the instances that present themselves to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible at all times, as long as you can help it!

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