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Acupuncture for Dogs: Veterinary and At Home Treatment

Acupuncture for Dogs: Veterinary and At Home Treatment

No one wants to see our best buddy endure pain or discomfort. Acupuncture therapy for dogs is gaining traction from caring pet owners searching for a more natural way to manage aches and pains, to keep their dog more comfortable after surgery, and in many cases, speed healing from both.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a centuries old Eastern Medicine technique that involves inserting fine needles into the body along specific locations or points, which stimulate the energy paths of the body. The Chinese call these paths “chi.” If there is an injury or disease, these paths are not flowing freely, and the goal is to stimulate the nerves and chi pathways to let the chi flow freely again. This will lessen pain and speed up healing and recovery from injury. Humans and animals alike have energy pathways in their bodies, so acupuncture is not just useful for humans, but it also works well for animals, in theory and in anecdotal practice.

Does Acupuncture Work on Dogs?

Most evidence that acupuncture works on dogs is anecdotal from those who have tried it with success on their animals. Anecdotal evidence is not to be discounted, as it is very powerful.

There is as study that was conducted by the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine that stated that the amount of evidence in clinical trials was not sufficient to conclude that acupuncture works or does not work. It should be noted that most veterinarians in the USA are not trained in the discipline, and therefore, there is not much content for study that comes from them.

Since many who have used acupuncture for their pet have reported great results, it is worth looking into. The number of veterinary clinics that are integrating acupuncture into their clinics is growing at a rapid rate.

The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture lists 929 animal clinics in the USA that currently offer acupuncture, and this is growing at a steady rate. The most common issue that it is used for in veterinary clinics is pain management after surgery to help heal faster, and pain associated with elder and other issues. The reason why most of these clinics are using the practice is because they have seen positive results in helping our furry friends.

What Conditions Can Acupuncture Be Used For To Benefit My Dog?

Acupuncture, when used in conjunction with other treatments or not, can make your dog/pet feel more comfortable as he or she heals from an injury or sickness.

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Skin Ailments

Acupuncture increases circulation which often speeds up healing of skin issues like dermatitis, dry skin/dandruff, allergic reactions, red irritated areas, bald spots, sores, shaking or rubbing his or her head indicating irritation.

Joint Issues/Arthritis

Nerve inflammation due to swollen joints respond well to acupuncture. Pain and stiffness due to arthritis benefits with this technique due to calming the nerves which may provide more range of motion.

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Diarrhea/Digestion Issues

Increased blood flow that results from acupuncture aids in the healing of the intestinal tract. Acupuncture can also encourage and normalize digestive activities by normalizing the quantity and quality of digestive secretions.

Respiratory Issues/Allergies

Respiratory issues can benefit from acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory and immune calming capabilities.

Accupuncture Treatments At Home

The cost involved to take your pet to a trained veterinary may limit most people from giving their pet necessary multiple acupuncture treatments. If you are under the supervision of a vet who has given you some direction, or if you have studied this at length, you may decide to buy a device that simulates needles on the areas of concern.

This will benefit you and your dog because you can give more treatments without having to pay each visit. Approximate savings per treatment in the vet’s office ranges from $60-$200. This will speed up healing even more in the comfort of your own home, as our dogs often get anxiety when entering an animal hospital.

Laser Device Example for At Home Use: For Pain and Healing

There are devices that produce results like acupuncture without needing to know how to use needles. You can also purchase an all inclusive book that helps you identify energy meridians on your dog to stimulate with a device that uses lasers , light, and similar, a suggestion is below. One example of a healing device that can mimmick the results of acupuncture is this Cold Laser Light Human/Pet Device. This one can be found on Amazon.

Helpful Acupuncture for Dogs: Informative Book Suggestion

There are illustrated books that show charts and maps on how to find meridians for certain ailments. These are most helpful. This book comes highly rated on Amazon: Animal Acpuncture Illustrated The Dog. Reviews state that the book is highly informative, and gives clear direction on how to find the correct spots/meridian pathways for different issues. This book is sold on Amazon.

Dog acupuncture book

Open minded people who love their dogs will try new things to help their furry friends. This article’s goal is to educate and give ideas and encouragement to serve our pets better.

This is why people are diving into learning about different healing modalities that they can do themselves, offering an even better life for their pets. May you and your dog enjoy life with less pain and discomfort with this information.

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