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Smilz CBD Gummies Reviews

Smilz CBD Gummies Reviews

People are Searching for More Natural Pain Relief

Today more than ever, people are feeling aches and pains that are physical and emotional. They may have a more sedentary lifestyle which brings about these uncomfortable symptoms.

Mix this pain with seemingly endless anxiety about the world around us and how to try to remain as positive as possible, and many people have found a solution to this scenario by reaching for a CBD gummie. According to a poll taken by One Poll, of all the people who take cbd oil for various reasons, 58% take it in the form of a gummie.

CBD gummies are the darling of the pain industry, but emotional and physical pain alleviation is not all it can do. Many claim it helps them with mood, energy and even memory improvement.

Gummies appeal to many because they have natural hemp extracts within a chewy textured candy like delivery system. What a great combination! No wonder CBD gummies are all the rage.

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Benefits from taking CBD Oil

According to several studies conducted by various institutions like The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, The Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, and FDA approval studies, these are some of the benefits of taking a cbd oil supplement:

  1. Manages depression and anxiety
  2. Relieve all kinds of pain, even unmanageable pain
  3. Reduce symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  4. Helps treat opioid addiction by reducing cravings for it
  5. Helps alleviate Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) symptoms, which is a disease of the degeneration of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.
  6. Helps to ease diabetic complications by reducing the effects of high glucose on cells
  7. Prevention of neurological diseases due to its neuroprotection qualities that come from cbd oil being anti-inflammatory
  8. Alleviates pain and stiffness that comes from arthritis
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Which Ones Should I Choose?

If you are like a typical person who is out to research which product to buy, and want to do some research first, a great place to start is not an advertisement from the manufacturer. We want to hear from people who are using the product. We want to weigh the pros and cons, look at the raving reviews and the not so great ones. Only then can we make a more balanced, well informed decision on which we might want to try.

Smilz Gummies: About The Company Who Makes Them

Smilz gummies is owned by Limitless X. It is based out of Los Angeles, CA, which began in 2020. This is a 100% USA sourced and manufactured brand and product. “All of our hemp and CBD oils come from the great state of Oregon. Their rich soil and sensible regulations make them a choice spot for hemp farming,” explains Jas Mathur, CEO of LIMITLESS.

Smilz 300 mg dosage was created to serve a market of customers that have a range of tolerances who want to “feel something” without the effects of being “high”.

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What People Are Saying About Smilz CBD Gummies, 300mg dose- 5 Star Review Comments All the way to 1 Star Comments

What People Are Saying About Smilz CBD Gummies, 300mg Dose: 5 Star Reviews to the 1 Star Reviews

Smilz Comments from the 5 star reviews on Amazon

  1. Many reviews addressed the high quality, deep sleep that was obtained after taking Smilz cbd gummies.
  2. I no longer have pain in my knee from having an MCL scope
  3. My wrists no longer hurt, so now I can sleep better
  4. Reduced the inflammation on my mother’s arthritis. She sleeps well, and no longer wakes up feeling stiff.
  5. This is helping my memory, 75% better.
  6. I have been using these gummies for about 5 weeks and have noticed a great improvement in my arthritis in my hands and wrists.
  7. Seems to be helping with neuropathy, suppresses hunger
  8. The Smilz Gummies take the painful edge off my osteoarthritis. It allows me to sleep so much better without uncomfortable pain.
  9. These seem to help with my arthritis and mood. They taste very good.
Smilz CBD gummies

Smilz Comments from the 4 star reviews on Amazon

  1. Strong odor when you open the bottle, but work as advertised.
  2. After taking these for a week, I do not notice anything in particular, but hope to see results soon
  3. Easy to chew chew gummies and arrived quickly, not fond of the taste but so far seem to be helping with my husband’s joint pain.
  4. Great value for the product
  5. There is a small odd taste but the product works for anxiety.
  6. I’ve noticed the arthritis pain in my fingers have gone. My husband said the pain in his knees have gone. I do seem to have more energy.

Smilz comments from the 3 star reviews on Amazon

  1. Not working for the ringing in my ears
  2. Have not been taking it long enough to notice a difference
  3. Works

Smilz comments from the 2 star reviews on Amazon

  1. Eh, I didn’t notice a change in anything
  2. This product does not seem to make a difference to me

Smilz comments from the 1 star reviews on Amazon

  1. Gave me a belly ache
  2. Taste good, but arrived melted in the packaging from heat, hard to get out.
  3. Did not help
  4. Just sugar gummies as far as I could tell.


Tip to get Deals: Volume sales almost always makes a per dose cost less expensive. Smilz gummies is no exception. Depending on the quantity you buy, you could get each dose for almost half price. See if friends of family wants to try it and buy together to take advantage of the savings.
  1. Buy 1 bottle, and each gummie is around $.80 click to check price, see if there is a current sale
  2. Buy 3 bottles, and each gummie is around $.50 click to check price, see if there is a current sale
  3. Buy 5 bottles, and each gummie is around $.45 click to check price to see if there is a current sale

I hope this review article was helpful in solidifying your decision to try, or not try Smilz gummies. Check out for more review and informational articles on other wellness topics and products.

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