A Comprehensive 3rd Party Review Of the Prestige Pressure Cooker

A Comprehensive 3rd Party Review Of the Prestige Pressure Cooker

Looking for a perfect, healthy meal in minutes that almost cooked itself?  Pressure cooking has never been so easy, and you can make enough food to feed a crowd plus have enough left over for the next day.

Pressure cookers are among the most popular types of kitchen appliances on the market today so we decided to zero in on a highly rated value driven brand on Amazon called Prestige.  

By reading hundreds of reviews and using first hand experiences, we have gathered the most comprehensive reviews help you decide if a Prestige pressure cooker is a good fit.

Here is the Prestige Pressure Cooker that is available for a good value on Amazon.  It comes in 12 different sizes, detailed below, from 3L all the way up to 20L.  This article will review this Prestige Pressure Cooker.

Prestige Popular Pressure Cooker, 5 L, Silver

Prestige Popular Pressure Cooker, 5 L, Silver
  • Quality construction uses the best virgin aluminum with stronger lugs and a thick base to give each cooker a safe and long service life.
  • Good gripping handle
  • Available in 12 different sizes to give you the right capacity to match the size of family or crowd you are cooking for
  • Comes with safety features like a Gasket Release System (GRS) and a Mettalic Safety Plug (MSP)
  • Certified and conforms to all international standards
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • The size of the machine, for example, 5L, is the capacity of the total volume after closing the lid.
  • Highly rated on Amazon

Healthy, convenient and FAST cooking

Whether you’re a busy mom or dad, or just looking for an easy way to cook your food, prestige pressure cookers are the perfect solution. These devices make cooking faster and easier than ever. 

You can cook anything in them, from meat to vegetables to grains, and have a delicious, nutritious meal ready to eat in no time using any of the available size models.

“I’m trying to remember the recipe for the soup!”  Don’t worry if you can not remember exact measurements, a pressure-cooked meal is hard to mess up.  Everything comes together beautifully in a pressure cooked feast that is prepared with love.
“I’m trying to remember the recipe for the soup!” Don’t worry if you can not remember exact measurements, a pressure-cooked meal is hard to mess up. Everything comes together beautifully in a pressure cooked feast that is prepared with love.

You can cook up to 8 cups of rice or 22 cups of broth. That’s enough food to feed a family of 4 or 6!  

Plus, these pressure cookers are incredibly versatile. You can use them as slow cookers, rice cookers, or even yogurt makers. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a Prestige pressure cooker recipe that will fit the bill.

And no more waiting for hours on hours for your food to cook, because with a prestige pressure cooker, a meal can be cooked in just 15 minutes!  Their unique technology ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection.

Making Boston Baked Beans in A Prestige Pressure Cooker

Robert Dyas shows how to make a delicious pot of Boston Baked Beans in his Prestige Pressure Cooker in his less than 3 minute video:

Available sizes of the Prestige Pressure Cooker

Prestige pressure cookers come in the following liter sizes.  Choose the size based on the size of your family or the crowd you are cooking for.  You can choose from the following sizes:

  • 3L
  • 4L
  • 5L
  • 5.5L
  • 6L
  • 6.5L
  • 7.5L
  • 8.5
  • 10L
  • 12L
  • 16L
  • 20L

Reviews of the Prestige Pressure Cooker

Interested in what others who have used the Prestige pressure cooker had to say about their experience?  Keep reading to read about the quality features and not so great issues that cooks found when they used a Prestige pressure cooker.

Positive review for Prestige Pressure Cooker

Here is the most comprehensive, positive review for the 10L Prestige pressure cooker which addressed some of the negative remarks other reviewers mentioned pertaining to:

  • The lid does not close tightly enough
  • The loud noises that come from the cooker
  • The change of color of the aluminum after using it for a while.

5/5 stars

Really nice cooker

Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2022

Size:  10L


Great size when cooking items that expand like beans or for items that require a lot of liquid. The first things I cooked when I received it was precisely beans and pot roast. The beans where so soft and it handled to perfection all the liquid (3/4 filled) that I wanted. The meat came out so perfect and soft to chew.

Closing the lid

I get mad at reviews that mention that the lid does not close or does not close properly. To begin, the gasket is brand new, so it will require you to press a bit the lid. You must adjust the lid and pot correctly so it closes. If you do not know how, check videos online that show you how to close the lid.


Some reviews also mention how scary it is the noises that come from it. This is to be expected. I have been using pressure cookers for decades and yes, they are noisy. If you use gas, it will be noisier and you will hear it as if you were hearing an old steam train. If you use electric stoves, the will be like hissing. Either way, they make noises. The most important thing here is that you keep it in low-medium on your stove. This is a pressure cooker. If you put in high heat, the pressure will be extreme, and yes, it will explode. Read your instructions.

Change of color

The last thing I see in the reviews is about the discoloration or change of color. This item is raw aluminum. It will change in color. It is not going to poison your food and it is not going to the change the effectiveness of the product. If you cannot tolerate the change in color, I suggest you to spend a bit more in buying a stainless steel one.

Again, I have been using pressure cookers for decades and I do not see how I can live without one. This is a great item. They are lighter than the ones I used to buy 20 or 30 years ago, but they even though they come lighter now, they are still a great item to have to speed the cooking process and preserve the taste, color, and nutrients of the food you are cooking.

I bought the really small one of 2 litters too because sometimes I just want to cook for example a couple of beets that everyone in my family hates, and I do not make them because they take too damn long in a regular pot. It works perfectly too.

I recommend this product. I have always bought Presto which are great, but I cannot longer afford. They are very expensive, so this item came on sale, and I am not disappointed at all. Excellent buy.

The Prestige pressure cooker has two parts that secure together.  A healthy meal can be made in 15 minutes.  There are 12 different volume sizes to choose from to fit your family’s needs.
The Prestige pressure cooker has two parts that secure together. A healthy meal can be made in 15 minutes. There are 12 different volume sizes to choose from to fit your family’s needs.

Most important critical review of the Prestige Pressure Cooker

Three are many reviews that have been written over at least 10 years for the Prestige Pressure Cooker, for all of the sizes available.  They are mostly positive reviews, so we had to go back to 2019 and 2013 to get the most detail on a critical review, which was about the handle that broke on Manny’s particular cooker.

Here is a more critical review of the 4L size Prestige Pressure cooker from Manny:


1/5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2013

Size 4L

I’ve had my current Prestige pressure cooker for almost 9years (been using a pressure cooker all my life). It is leaking steam and it takes forever to cook stuff. That’s when I did some research and looking at the reviews on amazon, decided to order Prestige 4L. I like aluminum cookers because they are lighter, easier to clean & don’t have any rusting issues like stainless steel ones do.

With amazon’s unbeatable service, it arrived a day earlier than expected. The day this pressure cooker arrived, my gf decided to cook beans to see how well it worked. The size (4L) was just right but putting the cover on the cooker was a little bit of a learning curve since it’s a very tight fit to the base bowl. We put the beans in and when we tried the put the cover on it, a big chunk of the handle came off. When I looked at it out of the box, the handle did look very cheap & flimsy but I didn’t know that it was so brittle and delicate.

Before I bought it, I read about the handle issue in the reviews but sometimes people are very rough in their handling and that’s why things don’t last too long. So I thought I’ll be okay but boy was I wrong. Overall, the cooker is very solid & well built other than the handle. We did end up cooking the beans just to test it out and in no time the beans were ready. However, with a broken handle right out of the box, it wasn’t sitting around in my kitchen. Shipped it back to amazon and got a refund the moment I dropped it off (Amazon, I’m a fan!)

Overall – a good cooker with a solid build but the manufacturer decided to save a few cents by putting a cheap handle and destroyed an otherwise good product. Lost my business, what a pity.

Percentage scores of the out of 5 star rating possibilities

Overall, there were thousands of reviews for the Prestige pressure cooker.  Here is the percentage breakdown for the amount of stars that were given for each grade level out of 5 stars:

5/5 stars:  62%

4/5 stars: 14%

3/5 stars:  8%

2/5 stars:  4%

1/5 stars: 12%

Concluding Thoughts

We hope the information and review material in this article was helpful.  Thank-you for reading!

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