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Beautify Your Life With Spanish Lavender: Planting Spanish Lavender and 2 Great Lavender Products to Try At Home

Beautify Your Life With Spanish Lavender: Planting Spanish Lavender and 2 Great Lavender Products to Try At Home

Part of living your best life is getting as much nature in as possible throughout the day. When you can’t get outside, having plants, flowers, and smaller trees indoors is important for air quality and peace of mind.

Since we have to pick and choose what we plant and bring indoors, it is important to know what different plants can do aesthetically and medicinally. Double dip, if you will, on beautifying your environment while also having a collection of useful plants inside and out to produce various items like fruit, medicinal, edible leaves, essential oils, wreaths and more.

What is Spanish lavender?

Spanish lavender, which is known as Lavandula stoechas, can be distinguished by its elegant purple blooms topped with rabbit shaped bractsIn botany, a specialized leaf that is often within  a reproductive part, like a flower is called a bract. 

This type of lavender thrives in warm climates with hot, dry summers and it originates in Mediterranean region countries like Turkey, Spain, Portugal and North Africa

What does Spanish lavender smell like?

It has a strong scent that resembles a more rosemary-leaning lavender fragrance.

What kind of wildlife is attracted to Spanish lavender? 

If you love giving bees and butterflies a reason to hang out at your place, a generous planting of Spanish Lavender will make your home’s yard their hangout. Hummingbirds love the deep, bright purple bracts on top of the lavender flowers. These butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds will come back year after year to visit your Spanish lavender patch.

What products is Spanish lavender found in?

There is a wide range of products made with Spanish lavender, including soaps, essential oils, beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets, and in culinary recipes.

What is Spanish lavender good for?

Spanish lavender is one of those plants that offers a bevy of useful things. Popular folk remedies place this flowering plant in high regard as it has the ability to alleviate headaches, asthma, and digestive issues. It has also been used in the treatment of kidney disease and diabetes.

Is Spanish lavender edible?

When making a recipe, most recipes will call for the flowers of a lavender plant. These can be used fresh or dried. Tender leaves and stems can also be used.

Spanish lavender tends to have a stronger flavor than other species of lavender; the taste is more like a floral rosemary. Many culinary artists like to use Spanish lavender in marinades or meat rubs due to its savory taste.

Does Spanish lavender act as a bug repellent?

Yes, lavender has been known to do a good job of repelling moths, flies, and mosquitoes, making it a great product to bring to a picnic or outdoor event. If you do get bitten, putting a drop of lavender on the bite will take the itch away. 

What are best practices for caring for Spanish lavender?

Nurture your container-grown lavender plants in full sun, which translates to a minimum of eight hours per day. Water Spanish lavender sparingly by allowing the soil to become dry between waterings. Be careful not to allow the plants to wilt between waterings. Bring the potted lavender inside during the winter, as it will not survive a harsh, cold winter.

To increase Spanish Lavender blooms:

  • Place the potted plant in full sun to increase the bright beautiful purple blooms
  • Water infrequently
  • Use a white mulch
  • Use medium to low fertility soil
  • Avoid using fertilizer
  • Prune in the Spring
  • Deadhead old blooms on a regular basis

Ways to enjoy Spanish Lavender plants in your home: Starting with a young plant or seeds

Start your outdoor home garden Spanish lavender patch with one tender young plant, or grow it on your kitchen counter in full sun.

1. Spanish Lavender, Lavandula Bandana Purple Starter Plant

Spanish Lavender, Lavandula Bandana Purple Starter Plant
Spanish Lavender, Lavandula Bandana Purple Starter Plant

Choose a gorgeous small Spanish lavender plant to grow inside and brighten your home. This young Spanish lavender plant is occasionally on sale on Amazon.  

2. Outsidepride Lavender Spanish Eyes – 200 Seeds

Outsidepride Lavender Spanish Eyes - 200 Seeda
Outsidepride Lavender Spanish Eyes – 200 Seeda

About these lavender seeds:

  • 200 seeds per packet
  • Reach 18” in height
  • Sky blue blooms
  • Plant in flower beds, gardens and to form a hedge
  • Grows in USDA zones 9, 10, 11
  • Grows as an annual in colder zones
  • Sowing rate is 5-7 seeds per plant.
  • Germination is typically 21 days
  • Resistant to rabbits and deer

2 Highly Recommended Products to Enjoy Lavender At Home

1. Organic Lavender Flowers Dried

Organic Lavender Flowers Dried
Organic Lavender Flowers Dried

About this highly rated FGO organic lavender:

  • 4 oz resealable bag 
  • Certified organic
  • Imported from France
  • Enhance your favorite recipes
  • Healthy and delicious
  • Use as potpourri
  • Use as a tea

2. Crate 61, Vegan Natural Bar Soap, Lavendar

Crate 61, Vegan Natural Bar Soap, Lavendar
Crate 61, Vegan Natural Bar Soap, Lavendar

About Crate 61 Premium Lavender Soap:

  • Made with premium grade lavender essential oil
  • Made with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Leaves skin moisturized and super soft
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No synthetic colors
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No chemicals

Any of these lavender products is a good start to enhancing your day with beauty and fragrance. There are many more products made from lavender to enjoy.  May this be the start or continuation of your journey using lavender.

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