A Snowboard Lock Will Give You Peace Of Mind – 3 Best Cable Lock Solutions

A Snowboard Lock Will Give You Peace Of Mind - 3 Best Cable Lock Solutions TheWellthieone

You’ve got the newest gear and you can’t wait to try out your new snowboard on the mountain. You and your friends are going to have an awesome time this weekend shredding some of that powder!

With the newest and raddest gear comes some unwanted attention. The coolest snowboard is going to be noticed by those who would like to have the same. 

Here are 5 ways to keep your snowboard gear from being targeted by thieves:

  1. Position your equipment within your sight when taking a break.
  1. If the break is short, like a bathroom stop, if you are with a friend, take turns waiting with the gear while the other one takes a break.
  1. Choose a spot that would draw more attention if someone were to walk off with gear that they are not using, which would decrease the chance of theft.
  1. Use a snowboard lock or ski lock to secure your pricey equipment to bring extra and relatively cheap peace of mind. We have picked the 3 best snowboard locks available, cable lock style, as shown below to ensure your snowboarding trip to the mountain is uneventful with lurking thieves.
  1. At the very least, downplay your gear by turning the flashy side inwards or away from most eyes when storing it outside. Skiers can separate their skies to make the pair harder to find.

The snowboard lock 

Snowboard locks are convenient. They fit into your jacket pocket and can be installed in seconds. They are worth the small amount of effort to provide extra protection and peace of mind. Thieves look for easy work. This lock will make them look for an easier target.

This is especially important if you are renting your gear. Rental snowboards and skis are identical, and sometimes someone may walk off with your gear thinking it is theirs.

You are responsible for the rental equipment just like it is your own, and you are expected  to return it in the same condition as you received it. Stolen equipment is not returning it, obviously.

How to use a snowboard lock with a cable?

Cable locks for snowboards have plenty of cable inside to wrap around your snowboard, through the boot area to secure it to a sign, rack or fence. 

  1. Pull out the cable and wrap around your gear and secure it to your chosen fence, sign or rack.
  2. The cable retracts itself to provide the perfect snug fit.
  3. Pop the cable end into the other side of the lock.
  4. As long as the passcode is correct, the cable will pop back out.
  5. To lock it, change the passcode to something that is not correct.
  6. To unlock it, put in your correct code, press the button, and the cable pops free of the lock.
  7. To change the code, push the button on the left down fully. Change the code, then pop the button back up, now the code change is complete.
Kirk Scheidt will show you how to use a snowboard lock that can also be used for skies.

What are the 3 best cable lock solutions for a snowboard lock?

1. Dakine Cool Lock with Cable

Dakine Cool Lock with Cable
Why this snowboard lock works well:
  • Cable lock fits easily into your pocket
  • 37” of wrap around length
  • Use for single snowboard, or multiple
  • Set your own 4 digit combination for the cable lock
  • 50% ABS, 40% steel, 105 TPU
  • Lock other gear in the summer like bikes, strollers
  • Highly rated on Amazon

2. Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock with 3 Feet Retractable Cable for Bike
Why this snowboard lock works well:
  • Simple to use cable lock, 36”
  • Comes in different colors
  • Robust
  • Easily fits into pockets
  • Use in off season for bikes, strollers and other gear
  • Set your own lock for this cable lock

3. BURTON Cable Lock Snowboard lock

BURTON Cable Lock Snowboard lock
Why this snowboard lock works well:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fits perfectly in your pocket
  • 30” steel cable lock
  • 3 number combination
  • Set the combination for the cable lock yourself
  • Use off season for bikes, strollers and more
  • Highly rated on Amazon

We hope you found the information in this article helpful.

Have a great season on the slopes!

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