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Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Lay Down?  6 Innovations to Relieve Back Pain

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Lay Down? 6 Innovations to Relieve Back Pain TheWellthieone

After a long day, sometimes all we want to do is lay down on the couch when we get home and relax. But what happens when it becomes painful to relax because your lower back starts hurting when you are trying to get comfortable?

Sometimes, when you lay down, the force of gravity pulls straight down on your spine. This can cause the discs between your vertebrae to compress, which can lead to pain and inflammation. Additionally, when you lay down, your hip flexors and hamstrings tighten up, which can put pressure on your lower back.

Conditions that cause lower back pain

What could be causing this lower back pain? You try to think back in time and see if there is any specific event to which you can attribute the pain.  If not, it may be more of a growing back condition that you need to become aware of so you can work on ways to manage the lower back pain and also prevent it from getting worse.

There are a number of conditions that can cause lower back pain, but the most common are:

Lumbar spine compression

When one part of the spine curves inward too much, it puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This can lead to temporary or permanent nerve damage.

Herniated discs

These are small tears in the outer layer of tissue that suspends vertebrae within your spine. When this happens, there is increased pressure on nearby bones and tissues, which can cause inflammation and pain.

 Facet joints

These are small joints at either end of your upper spinal column (the cervical vertebrae). They tend to become inflamed due to various factors, such as arthritis, which then causes back pain.


This is the compression of the sciatic nerve or one of its branches. Sciatica is a condition in which the sciatic nerve or one of its branches feels pins-and-needles or electric shocks along its course.

Radicular pain due to a herniated disk

Herniated discs are soft tissue bulges that occur due to pressure on adjacent nerves.


This is a defect in the vertebral column that causes displacement of one or more vertebrae, most commonly at the L4 and L5 levels.

Spinal stenosis

This is a narrowing of the spine that may cause compression of the spinal cord.

Vertebral fracture

Simply put, this is when your bone breaks from accidental trauma, like falling down stairs.

Piriformis syndrome

The piriformis is a small muscle located in the upper buttock, and it can cause inflammation and pain if it becomes overstretched or injured.

This syndrome often occurs during pregnancy, as the body adjusts to the added weight, and after prolonged sitting or standing. Treatment includes rest, ice treatment, massage therapy, back support devices, stretching exercises, and physical therapy.

What can I do to alleviate lower back pain when I lay down?

There are a few things that you can do to help alleviate lower back pain when you’re trying to sleep or relax:

1) Try sleeping on your side instead of your back or stomach;

2) Use ice relief.

3) Place a pillow between your knees if you are sleeping on your side;

4) Use a lumbar support on your chair if you sit for long periods during the day.

5) Use a supportive mattress and pillow.

6) Consider supporting your lower back with a brace that you can wear discreetly under your clothing to release some strain from your back during the day.

7) Stretch before bedtime.

Of course, if the pain is severe or persistent, please consult with a doctor.

Treatment for lower back pain

All these conditions can lead to low back pain when you lie down. Treatment typically involves conservative measures such as:

Rest, ice packs, ibuprofen, physical therapy if available, and surgery if necessary We have found some highly rated products on Amazon that help soothe and heal lower back pain.

Here is our list.

Ice Therapy

Magic Gel Ice Pack for Back Pain Relief for Hot or Cold Therapy

Magic Gel Ice Pack for Back Pain Relief for Hot or Cold Therapy
Magic Gel Ice Pack for Back Pain Relief

Why we recommend Magic Gel ice pack for lower back pain:

  • Provides compression designed specifically for lower back injuries
  • Gel packs contour around your midriff and sides with a fastening strap closure
  • Can be used on the hips
  • Neoprene fabric is breathable
  • Can wear directly on the skin
  • Does not cause itching
  • Made with the thickest viscosity gel, the pack remains pliable straight from the freezer
  • Flexibility for the perfect fit
  • Safe for heat or cold
  • Long lasting relief
  • Highly rated on Amazon
  1. Back Support

Back Brace by Sparthos Immediate Relief from Back Pain

Back Brace by Sparthos
Back Brace by Sparthos

Why we love Sparthos Back Brace Support to help alleviate lower back pain:

  • Provides immediate and lasting relief from a herniated disc, sciatica, sore muscles and general back pain
  • Wear when you walk, bend or stretch
  • Support your back badly needs!
  • Be confident and comfortable again
  • 100% risk free guarantee
  • Highly rated on Amazon
  1. Lumbar Support 

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Car Lumbar Pillow Relief

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Car Lumbar Pillow
Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair


Why we love Niceeday lumbar support:

  • Premium memory foam
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic 3D mesh
  • Perfect if you spend a lot of time sitting dosn
  • Has bamboo charcoal fiber, keeps its shape
  • Best elasticity
  • Waist embracing design
  • Adjustable elastic straps to keep it in place
  • 60 day no hassle returns
  • Highly rated on Amazon
  1. Stretch the back

Back Stretcher, Moocoo Lower Back Pain Relief Device with Magnet

Back Stretcher, Moocoo Lower Back Pain Relief Device with Magnet,
Back Stretcher, Moocoo Lower Back Pain Relief Device

Why we love Moocoo Back Stretcher for lower back pain:

  • Back stretcher that has 10 magnets 
  • Ergonomic design supports your back
  • 96 acupressure points for increased circulation and relaxation
  • Stretches the back
  • Adjustable for the desired stretch
  • Easy and convenient to relieve back pain at home.
  • Highly rated on Amazon
  1. Lumbar pillow

CozyHealth Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping

CozyHealth Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping
CozyHealth Lumbar Support Pillow

Why we love CozyHealth lumber support pillow for sleeping:

  • Heat therapy and lumber support
  • Improves sleeping posture
  • Prevents strain
  • Feel less aches in the morning
  • Increases circulation
  • Plug the USB into the power source
  • Highly rated on Amazon
  1. Inversion of the back

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table for Back Pain, FDA-Registered

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table for Back Pain
Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table for Back Pain


Why we love Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table for Back Pain:

  • Acupressure nodes in varied heights
  • Lumbar bridge with adjustable arch for added traction and support
  • Unmatched comfort and support
  • Made with 100% foam
  • Precision rotation for complete control
  • Super healthy to invert the spine on a regular basis
  • 5 step assembly
  • Highly rated on Amazon

Preventing lower back pain

Once you are feeling better, it is a good idea to get into the habit of preventing lower back pain. To prevent or reduce it from occurring in the first place, make sure you stay active and maintain good posture throughout your day.

There can be certain positions and activities that cause lower back pain. For example, if you sit all the time or lean over a computer at work, your spine may become compressed in those positions. This compression can lead to upper back pain as well as other problems down the road.

To prevent lower back pain naturally, try these simple tips:

Practice good posture throughout the day by standing up and sitting down slowly and deliberately.

Avoid bending forward from the waist when you’re not directly working on something; instead, keep your chest lifted and shoulders pulled back.

Take breaks every few hours to move around actively; either go for a walk outdoors or do some gentle yoga.

Getting into the habit of wearing a support brace under your clothing is a great way to give your back a break. Let the brace do the straining, and your back will endure less strain.

We hope you found the information in this article to be helpful, and that you are well on your way to alleviating your lower back pain when you lay down.

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