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How to Use Manuka Honey For Scalp Psoriasis

How to Use Manuka Honey For Scalp Psoriasis TheWellthieone

Manuka honey is a natural product from New Zealand that has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions. It is composed of several types of sugars, including oligosaccharides and disaccharide molecules, which are known to have anti-microbial properties.

There is growing scientific evidence in the literature that manuka honey is effective in treating scalp psoriasis. For those who have been using manuka honey for decades for all of their skin issues, cold and flu symptoms, and cuts and scrapes, they know that it works. 

Even though science tends to be slow with its studies, manuka honey fans do not need to wait for more studies. And manuka honey therapy comes with no unwanted side effects.

Convincing scientific studies show that manuka honey is effective at treating scalp psoriasis

Several studies have shown that manuka honey can help improve symptoms such as itching, inflammation, scaling, and redness.

In one study, people with moderate or severe scalp psoriasis were given either a placebo, 400 mg/day of manuka honey gel caps, or 200 mg/day of theanozole shampoo treatment twice daily for 12 weeks.

The results showed that the honey gel cap group had significant reductions in psoriasis area and severity index (PASI) scores compared to both the placebo and theanozole groups.

So far, these studies show promising results for using manuka honey as a treatment option for scalp psoriasis patients who don’t respond well to other conventional therapies.

How to use manuka honey for scalp psoriasis

Manuka honey is known for its numerous health benefits, including fighting infections and reducing inflammation.

To use manuka honey for scalp psoriasis, use this treatment procedure at night so you can shower it off in the morning.

Take a small dab of manuka honey on your finger and apply directly to the scalp where there are patches of psoriasis that you want to treat. Press it gently into the scalp and into your inflamed skin. Try to avoid your hair and get the manuka honey only on your scalp. A thin layer is all you need.

Do not dilute or mix the manuka honey with anything else.

Manuka honey is all you need; it is like a miracle in a jar.

Leave the manuka honey on your scalp all night.

Notice each morning how much better your scalp psoriasis is. Shower in the morning and go about your day.

If you are not going anywhere and can do a morning and an evening manuka honey treatment on your scalp, it will heal your scalp psoriasis that much faster.

You can also eat manuka honey whenever you get a chance. It is delicious on toast with butter, in your coffee or tea, or on top of granola. Be mindful not to cook or bake with it, and add it to your tea or coffee when it is not boiling hot. Temperatures that are too hot will kill many of the healing properties of manuka honey.

Adding manuka honey to your diet is a great way to keep psoriasis outbreaks to a minimum and help ease the symptoms when you do get a patch on your skin.

What is a high-quality manuka honey to use for scalp psoriasis?

We found that Wedderspoon has an excellent reputation for quality, potency, and purity in all of the manuka honey they produce in New Zealand. It is also traceable from their hives to your home!

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How long will it take to notice results from using manuka honey for scalp psoriasis?

Some people do experience quick results from using manuka honey on their scalp psoriasis, while others may need a few weeks or even months before seeing significant improvements. 

It depends on the severity and degree of inflammation of your unique psoriasis. The main thing that you should remember is to continue using manuka honey consistently until your symptoms subside.

Nappy Hair Nation discusses using manuka honey on the scalp and hairline for all sorts of different skin issues. It doesn’t matter what the skin issue is; manuka honey will be the same or better than any prescription you get from the doctor, without the long list of unwanted side effects!

We hope this information in this article was helpful.  We wish you well on your continuing journey to optimum health.

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