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Garlic Mullein Oil Is the Key for Healing Earaches Fast!

Garlic Mullein Oil Is the Key for Healing Earaches Fast! The Wellthieone

Ear pain can range from a mild annoyance to a sharp, throbbing sensation that interferes with your daily activities. We had two family members in the past 6 months get earaches at different times. This is not a normal occurrence for our family.

Our preference is to use natural health remedies before reaching for a pharmaceutical solution if possible. Nature has provided some incredible plants that often do the job much more effectively and without side effects.

Earache Experience

In both instances, the level of earache pain was concerning, around a 6 or 7 out of 10 for pain intensity, with 10 being the most intolerable pain. We used a specific proprietary blended product called Mullein garlic oil to relieve the pain and heal the ear.

In my son Evan’s experience with garlic mullein oil, he woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. He is 19. He woke us up because he needed some help on what to do about it.

I found the dropper bottle of garlic mullein oil and told him to put a few drops in his ear.   I helped move his outer ear up and down a bit, to ensure that the oil traveled deeper into his middle ear.  He was able to go back to sleep shortly after that.   

The next morning, it was like nothing happened.  There wasn’t even a dull pain or any feeling of evidence that he had an earache several hours earlier.  It was an impressive recovery.  My husband had a similar experience.  Neither had to use the mullein garlic oil again the next day. 

This is the oil we used:

Herb Pharm Mullein Garlic Herbal Oil – 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Mullein Garlic Herbal Oil - 1 Ounce The Wellthieone
Herb Pharm Mullein Oil

What is Mullein Garlic oil?

The mullein component in the garlic oil comes from the mullein flower. This garlic oil is blended with extracts of mullein, St. John’s Wort, and calendula flowers. The garlic and mullein flowers are harvested at their peak.

What is Mullein Garlic oil The Wellthieone
Courtesy of the product Mullein Garlic Oil Amazon.

What is mullein and garlic oil used for?

The leaves and flowers of the mullein plant can be steeped to make a tea that is thought to be helpful for coughs, colds, and bronchitis. The oil from the mullein plant is also sometimes used as a home remedy for earaches. To use mullein oil for this purpose, typically a few drops are warmed and then poured into the affected ear.

Garlic oil is another type of oil that has long been used for its health benefits. It is thought to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol levels, and help fight infections. Garlic oil can be consumed by taking it in capsules or adding it to food. It can also be applied topically, although it is important to dilute it first as undiluted garlic oil can cause skin irritation.

Is mullein garlic oil good for tinnitus?

It might be, and it is recommended that those suffering with tinnitus give mullein garlic oil a try, as it can’t hurt.

After reading many reviews on Amazon, it can be concluded that this special oil has helped many relieve their tinnitus symptoms.

How do you use mullein garlic oil for kids?

Warm the oil up ever so slightly in a double boiler. Test the temperature of the oil on your hand. For children ages 1 to 10, use 2 drops and move their ear to help the oil travel deeper into the ear canal.

How long does it take Mullein garlic oil to work?

Allow the patient to lie still after administering the oil for as long as you can. Ideally, results should begin around the 10 minute mark as the oil is able to get into the middle ear and work.

If you are suffering from an earache, we hope that you find relief soon. Hopefully you can get your hands on some of this healing oil blend to help you get back to yourself in record time.

It is recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider about any new health regime you plan to take.

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